Ayurvedic herbal bars for your shower essentials

by Miriam Jojo on December 03, 2021

If a healthy body with beautiful glowing skin is in your dreams, and you want to get it naturally, including an herbal bar in your shower essentials is a good idea.  When you are blessed with a beautiful personality, flaunt it by being better looking and presentable.

  • Ayurveda the ancient saga gives you luxurious and satisfying bath experience through herbal bars made especially for rejuvenating your skin.
  • Excellent skin care is one among the cherished gifts Ayurveda has given to the world.
  • Be it the beautifying herbs like Turmeric or the soothing herbs like Aloe vera, contribution of Ayurveda has been precious.
  • If you are looking for handmade Ayurvedic soaps also, we have the answer for you.


  • Ayurvedic bars are full of fresh herbs and their aromatic essence.
  • Free from harmful harsh chemicals like Sulphates.
  • These are ideal for long term use.
  • They will make not only your wash room fragrant, but also your skin enliven with more vitality. When searching for an Ayurvedic baby soap, remember our products first.

Nature’s gifts are always in sync with our body, you can experience calm, soothing nature of these herbs through the heavenly bath experience we offer through our handcrafted herbal bars.

Bipha Ayurveda offers you a range of herbal bars crafted equally refreshing and nourishing for all skin types. They are pH balanced and safe to use on baby skin also .


  • All seasons herbal bar with coconut oil, turmeric oil, neem oil and sweet flag rebalances skin moisture.
  • If you need miraculous power of Tulsi added to your bath, choose Tulsi herbal bar, the natural skin purifier.
  • Wondering how can you scrub and remove dead cells from your skin and ensure smooth soft skin? Custom made for your skin care needs, Honey and oatmeal herbal bar exfoliates and moisturizes your skin.
  • For your skin whitening and complete nourishment of skin, our Milk protein herbal bar is more and sufficient. Goodness of goat’s milk and cow’s milk are infused naturally into this wonderful smooth bar.
  • Blemishes of skin and patches in skin especially in the middle age can be embarrassing to you. For blemish free cleansing of your skin, we have introduced our Red sandalwood bar exclusively for you.
  • Gone are the days of sandalwood paste application, right? Now you can simply use Sandalwood bar for gentle aroma and effective cleansing of impurities in your body.
  • In the ancient era, people used charcoal for bathing and cleaning teeth. Healing properties of activated charcoal and smoothening cocoa butter are added as ingredients in our Charcoal mosaic bar with refreshing fragrances of jasmine and patchouli.
  • For the man of your life, want to buy a memorable gift? For a revitalizing and balancing bath experience for your man, add Vetiver and nagarmotha herbal bar in your shower room cupboard. It not only tones the skin, but also complements his manliness.
  • Bitter but sweet for the skin, yes, that’s all about Neem, the most revered herb that will protect skin from rashes, eczema like skin diseases and effectively purifies the blood. You can grab a Neem bar and simply freak outside anywhere in the city without getting tensed about your skin.
  • If your sister often says about her pimples, suggest her Anti acne herbal bar enriched with turmeric, sandalwood and neem. Black heads and pigmentation also will be vanishing with continued use of this bar.
  • Sagging skin is seen when you are entering the ageing process. Café ‘a lait soap, the deodorizing anti cellulitic soap prepared from coffee grains prevents cellulitis and is good for dry and sensitive skin also.
  • Bath balls are a new add on to this list of herbal bathing products. Healing herbs bath ball is prepared with goodness of many herbs like coconut oil, sandalwood, turmeric, neem ,tulsi and aloe vera.

Whatever may be your dreams about skincare, Ayurveda and its exotic herbs help you right there in your mindful journey towards achieving a glowing skin ahead.


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