Cafe Au-lait Soap 75 gm - Deodorising Anti-Cellulite Soap

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Greet your morning with the finest coffee grains from the Western Ghats carefully blended with goat’s milk and cow’s milk. The coffee element in this natural, pH balanced, handmade herbal bar perks up the bath time with its natural qualities of deodorization and exfoliation. It prevents cellulite and firms up sagging skin to give it a healthy sheen. The amazing blend of coffee and goat’s milk in this soap lifts up your skin and acts as a wonderful anti-ageing remedy for dry and sensitive skin                                                  Coffee beans contains chlorogenic acid and melanoidins helps in hyperpigmentation of the skin and anti-inflammatory property. It helps in alleviating the appearance of sunspots, redness, and fine lines. Coffee naturally exfoliates dead skin and will leave it silky smooth. Cow's milk is rich in multiple nutrients nourishes all types of skin and provides intense moisturization, making your skin supple and smooth. Vit B12 in milk provides a great amount of protein to the skin. Goat's Milk is rich in moisturizing caseins, vitamins, and ingredients that balance the skin's pH and promote exfoliation. 

  • Benefits 

    • Handmade and Handcrafted with perfection 
    • Cold process Herbal soap 
    • Free from Hardening Agent, sulphates, Synthetic colors, Synthetic fragrances, Animal fat, Petroleum derivatives, Triclosan 
    • pH Balanced 
    • Unique Blend Of Effective Ingredients
    • Suitable for all Skin Types

Key Ingredients

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans

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