Blood in Draksha - Natural Immunity booster made with handpicked Ayurveda herbs & exotic spices matured on a base of Kali Draksha (Black Grapes) 450ml

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A comprehensive formula with essential vitamins and trace elements possesses antioxidant activity. Synergistic blend of herbs traditionally used in Ayurveda to maintain healthy blood levels, stamina and vitality. Vitamin B complex plays a vital role in digestion and healthy nervous functions and act as a carminative. Vitamin C enhances iron absorption and builds immunity. Suitable for all age groups, physically active people, athletes, growing children, pregnant, elderly and in convalescence.

  • Natural Immunity booster and Iron Supplement
  • Made with handpicked Ayurveda herbs and exotic spices matured on a base of Kali Draksha (Black Grapes)
  • Appetite stimulant , natural iron supplement, Digestive , Vitality tonic
  • Antioxidant rich in Vitamins, Proteins , and Minerals. Authentic proprietary formula.

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