The ancient beauty regime unearthed – a tale of virgin coconut oil

The ancient beauty regime unearthed – a tale of virgin coconut oil

Divya and her sister Prabha had a traditional upbringing on the green outskirts of Kerala. Their mother and granny were experts in native cooking style; a blend of spicy and nutritious recipes was safe in their hands. Elder Divya still remember how she was pampered by their granny.

One beauty regime was dear to her mother. Mother would take some drops from their cherished little bottle of clear yellowish Urukku velichenna (virgin coconut oil) and apply on her black thick tresses which made her look even more beautiful. Granny would tease her and call her black hair queen.

Granny would come slowly smiling to both children and apply oil drops on the hair of Divya as a soft baby oil for younger Prabha, the chuckling baby in their house. She hinted her daughter to keep the bottle handy always to ensure skin wellness all the year. Granny’s term was ‘Ventha velichenna ‘for this.

One day, Divya saw the splendid process of preparing virgin coconut oil at home. That felt really impressive for her curiosity.

The preparation of Ventha velichenna or virgin coconut oil at home

Her mother grated some coconuts out there in their granary room, made them into thin grated pieces, grinded them and granny came with a white clean cloth to extract coconut milk from that. Oh, it was yummy, she got a teaspoon of coconut milk in between to taste. Granny added little hot water for easily+ extracting coconut milk.

Mother took the filtered milk, placed it in a medium-sized brass vessel called ‘Uruli’, and she was keeping stirring the milk for a long time.

Divya was not feeling good to wait so long, maybe about 2 hours. She went out to look what her sister was doing. She and granny returned to see what happened to milk. Mother was reducing the flame continuously since the beginning and after, she took out the uruli and placed it in the basement.

After the excess heat was gone, she filtered the thick milk again and the brownish oil content was seen clearly. It was too clear and bright yellowish, the glowing oil for beay care made at our home! Divya was full of joy that day.

What makes thumbs up for virgin coconut oil?

  • Moisturizer from head to toe with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, virgin coconut oil is having plenty of lauric acid which makes it with sweet taste and prevents infections.
  • It is an antioxidant, consider how it will reduce your ageing and keep it simply glowing for long time!
  • No chemical processing and refining, direct from cradle of nature made just for you!
  • Suitable for babies and post-delivery care of mothers, two in combo of benefits, from nourishment to relaxation of muscles.
  • Prevents stretch marks and improves flexibility of body is an added advantage of using virgin coconut oil  as a part of post-delivery care regime.
  • Time to say goodbye to the dry skin of people of all ages when virgin coconut oil is in the daily routine essentials cupboard.
  • Allergies, eczema, and piles also get reduced by regular use of virgin coconut oil.
  • It can also be used a good body massage oil preventing rashes, even diaper rashes in babies.

Can this be used internally?

  • 1 to 2 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil daily is helpful to increase feminine hormone oestrogen production.
  • Virgin coconut oil can be taken internally to prevent constipation and for smooth skin.
  • As a coconut oil form, virgin coconut  is specific in properties as it increases good cholesterol in blood and helps to get a toned body.
  • It helps in keeping the blood circulation in the body proper and aids in good cardiac health.

Did you know?

Coconut oil is made from dried kernel of coconut called ‘copra’ and undergoes refining processes before getting into the market. Let me say, virgin coconut oil is something you can say free from chemicals and refining, a gift to you from fresh coconuts full with nourishing treasure of nutrients.

Applying virgin coconut oil on tender skin of babies make them immune to external allergies and infections.

Ayurvedic oils like Nalpmaradi Kera of Bipha Ayurveda are specially prepared with virgin coconut oil as base.

Coconut oil decreases excess wind energy in the body, reduces your stress, adds vigour to your very existence. This oil is considered to be nourishing and strengthening to the body at the same time. Keep the fact that virgin coconut oil  can add more moisture content to your skin and act as a protective sun shield like for a moderate sunny weather.

The enchanting aroma of virgin coconut oil  in Nalpamaradi  Kera pulls you to grab it and use it to apply on the skin of your baby. Quality appeals to our senses very well, that’s true!

Bipha Ayurveda with a legacy in adding legendary medicines and health supplements to the herbal arena has gifted the mankind, many medicines containing essence of virgin coconut oil.

Even herbal bathing bars like Nalpamaradi has been added to the royal daily routine of new age smart women.

When purity and quality go hand in hand, something really magnificent is the net result. Unveil the tales of a more beautiful existence with us, be the bright light and shine like never before!

When traditional beauty tips are known to you, go get it and be a classic beauty of all time!

Nurture your senses and soul, make your future generations also nourished and comfortable about their body and mind. Let them have refreshing bath and relaxed sleep with the help of Ayurveda.

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