Monsoon detox – An Ayurvedic guide

Monsoon detox – An Ayurvedic guide

Well, you are celebrating monsoon by having rainy nights and its cool drops refresh you. You might also wish to have a warm cup of coffee along with this. Maybe your body also wishes for some warmth. After all, everyone needs a companion for healthy existence. The wisdom of life, herbal treasure Ayurveda can be your companion in this monsoon. Want to know more?! 

Cuddle warm regimen this monsoon 

How can you give warmth to your body? Using warm woollen blankets while falling asleep and having warm beverages are well-known options. Can you have some pure herbal options too? Why warmth is required? In simple words, the cold nature of the monsoon is balanced by your body by keeping it warm by any possible methods. Warmth is also associated with the opening of the body channels, the Srotases and it also helps to clear out metabolic toxins out of the body.  

Metabolic toxins – Ama 

Ama can be tiresome for your internal metabolism and homeostasis. Why because, your body is then loaded with unwanted toxic materials which again delay your proper bodily processes like assimilation of nutrients and digestion.  

Next step – Know your toxins  

On a daily basis, you are having plenty of food items laden with synthetic ingredients. Can we say we are having hard time digesting these. These filthy materials are filling your body channels and you need to show them way out. Be mentally prepared for a wonderful detox Ayurvedic treatment.  

Ayurvedic detox – simplified  

  • Early morning rising and doing your morning hygiene practises, drinking a glass of warm water; having urination and defecation processes carefully can be the first step. These things are already part of the famous daily regimen aka Dinacharya in Ayurveda 
  • If you are having more body weight, lemon juice with honey also can be a morning drink. This can be made your default detox drink for weight loss. 
  • In general, for sense organs above neck, detox can be done through a simple Anu Taila nasal drop instillation in both of your nostrils. 
  • Skin and internal circulation of the body gets regulated when you do oil application on your body and then exercise till sweat appears on your temples.  
  • After the bath, general impurities, normal dust, and sweat are warded off comfortably. You can also use Snanachurnam before bath for good scrubbing action. This can help when you think of the topic whole body detox Ayurveda in your mind.  
  • After this, you can make sure that you are having diet also rich in body detox dietary articles like coriander, pepper, turmeric, ginger daily in this season. This can also be taken as herbal teas or spicy cooking recipes.  
  • Daily supplements of Bipha ayurveda like Turmeric capsule, Guduchi capsule, Aswagandha capsule, Bowel ease tablet are good choices which give you regular immunity-boosting and energy splash.  
  • Triphala capsule - a potent combo of three Ayurvedic herbs – Amalaki , Haritaki and Vibhitaki is a must have detox medicine you should have for overall good metabolism, digestion and elimination of toxins. You might have heard of Ayurvedic health drinks like Triphala tea and Chukku kaapi for preserving health as useful, easy home remedies. This is a rasayana medicine able to rejuvenate you internally and restore our vitality. 
  •  Another medicine you know is Chyawanaprasham , the famous formulation which gave sage Chyavana back his youthfulness.  

Ayurveda – heals and detoxifies  

You are well aware of the fact that resorting to healthy diet and lifestyle bestows health and if not, leads to occurrence of various diseases like lifestyle diseases.  

Ayurveda helps to restore balance of the three bodily humours – three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha . It heals your body. Ayurvedic medicines and treatment procedures like Panchakarma are good to go for achieving this. One thing is necessary, you should be mentally also in an optimistic, comfortable viewpoint about life for maximising benefits of detoxification. Even Ayurvedic classics say, you should be like a damp cloth absorbing colour and then when it is washed off becoming clean. This sentence shows why oil application on body to excite doshas and then doing formatation therapy; later sodhana – the purificatory detoxification is done.  

Panchakarma treatment  

The five therapeutic procedures, Vamana (medicated emesis therapy), Virechana (medicated purgation therapy), Nasya (medicated nasal drop instillation), Vasthi (medicated enema therapy), Raktamoshana (medicated bloodletting therapy) are well known in Ayurveda. Other procedures like steam bath, Nasya and specialized ayurvedic massages like Kizhi (massage using medicated herb bolus)  Udwarthana (medicated powder massage), Dhara (pouring of medicated liquid on body) are also popular for its powerful health benefits.  

Benefits of Ayurvedic detox 

Ayurvedic detox is potent, safe and effective in getting rid of metabolic toxins. It gives your body and mind freshness and lightness. It gives you immunity and longevity if done periodically.  

Ayurvedic detox gruel – Oushadha kanji  

  • Monsoon-specific yearly detox procedure is popularly known as Karkidaka chikitsa in Kerala. The Monsoon season in Kerala is known to be with intense rain and strong winds, accompanied by the gathering of external dirt and internal metabolic toxins. This season wants an appetizing, digestive nutritive supplement and a genuine Ayurvedic classical formulation which gained immense popularity is termed as Karkidaka kanji. It contains a combination of selected potent herbs like Njavara rice, Garden cress, Indian sarsaparilla, fenugreek, coriander, cinnamon, pepper, etc. Bipha ayurveda has made this recipe more popular and reach wider markets easily. 

Using Oushadha kanji recipe  

  • Wash and drain Njavara rice with water. Crush the Njavara rice slightly in a mixer. 
  • Add the crushed Njavara rice into 1½ cup water in a pressure cooker. Cook for 20 minutes without putting pressure cooker weight. 
  • Open the pressure cooker and add medicinal herb packet (Pachamarunnu, Podimarunnu, Fenugreek, and Garden cress) and mix well, Add Coconut milk and stir well. Cook by closing the Pressure cooker with weight for 20 minutes 
  • In lukewarm condition add one tablespoon grated coconut, a pinch of cumin (Jeeraka ) and salt as need, and cow's ghee if needed. 

         Detox your mind with positivity, detox body with Ayurveda.  


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