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Bath And Body,Bipha Ayurveda,Healing Herbs Bath Ball

Healing Herbs Bath Ball

Pure,Herbal an Natural,Hnadcrafted,pH balanced herbal bath ball free SLS,silicon,parabens,Synthetic Colours&Fragrances and Animal fat.
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Face Care,Bipha Ayurveda,Kumkumadi Thailam

Kumkumadi Thailam

1. Kumkumadi Thailam is safe and very effective oil for adding fairness and radiance to skin making you look beautiful naturally. 2. Improves skin texture and relieves skin problems. 3. Provides effective deep-cleansing, moisturizing, soothing and has natural bleaching action. 4. Use it daily for its effectiveness as a total skin care. 5. Free from parabens, phthalates, paraffins, silicones,synthetic colours or fragrances.
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Massage oil new,Bipha Ayurveda,Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

A unique blend of essential oils and vitamins, which helps in nourishing your cuticles and revitalizes them.They absorb quickly to your cuticles and deeply hydrate them
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Bath And Body,Bipha Ayurveda,Refreshing Shower Gel

Refreshing Shower Gel

Perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness gives a cooling efect on body and mind. A rich conditioning lather that leaves skin feeling soft, soothe and smooth. Its unique fragrance provides a clean, fresh burst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body.
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Face Care,Bipha Ayurveda,RED SANDALWOOD CREAM


Ayurveda Skin rejuvenating cream enriched with Red Sandalwood. Its usage can help improve skin. luster. It is also used to improve skin complexion and texture.
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Face Care,Bipha Ayurveda,Sandalwood Cream

Sandalwood Cream

Sandalwood with its antimicrobial properties gives you a healthy, toned skin, and kokum butter nurtures and soothes it.
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Traditional Oils,Bipha Ayurveda,NEELIBRINGHADI OIL


1. Neelibhringadi Oil is safe and very effective solution to hair care problems. 2. Prevents hair loss, hair splits, dandruff and fights premature greying. 3. Gives luster and a pleasant smell to hair. 4. Use it daily for its effectiveness as unique polyherbal formulation for growing healthy, lush and long hair. 5. Free from parabens, phthalates, paraffins, silicones, synthetic colours.
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Bath And Body,Bipha Ayurveda,Navarasa Herbal Bar

Navarasa Herbal Bar

Nine Ways to Care for your Skin and Hair, Naturally Nine Handmade Herbal Soaps containing time-tested Ayurvedic Herbs and their extracts, with proven benefits for the skin and scalp. They are pH balanced and cure many skin disorders, improve complexion and balance doshas.
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