Is Ayurveda effective in Winter?

Is Ayurveda effective in Winter?

Health care is one of the most important concerns of every age as it can affect the quality of life of an individual. For example, a slight cold owing to weather changes has an impact on our productivity. Most of the people in and around the world are ready to accept AYURVEDA as a way of living a healthy life. During each season Ayurvedic classics recommend various diets and regimens to be followed. 

What's happening inside you? 

Owing to the cold and windy weather, prakopa of Kapha dosha is happening. Vata is also getting aggravated and thus the pain related illnesses make life miserable. The body is passing through so many catabolic activities and hence the agni will be more. As a result, people get symptoms like cold, sore throat, different types of pain etc. 


* Include: Wheat, cereals, Haritaki ,garlic , ginger ,pippali, sugarcane items, warm water etc. 

*Avoid: cold drinks, Bengal gram, puffed rice etc 

*Taste preferred: sweet, sour and salty. 


*Apply oils like Dhanvantharam thailam, Kottamchukkadi thailam  or Balathailam every day. 

*Exercise regularly. 

*Wear climate-friendly clothing while moving outside. 

Common ailments during winter 

1.Influenza (common cold) 

 Running nose with mild fever can be the most difficult day to day problem in winter. For preventing that, first we must build our immunity by follow following the above diet and regimen. Inhalation of medicated fumes from the water boiled with Tulasi, camphor etc. Or Rasnadi choornam is found to be very beneficial. Tablets like Ayush Kwath can also aid the recovery. 


 Scaling scalp and itching is yet another common ailment owing to climatic changes. Moisturize the hair daily and follow a bath care routine weekly. Use mild and moisturizing shampoos like Kerassence or Thalipodi. Applying conditioner after each hair wash is a must.  

3.Sore throat 

 Gargling with lukewarm salt water can largely be beneficial. Along with the medications, use Thaleesapathradi choornam  or Throat soothener. 

4.Seasonal mental illness 

 As we are not able to step out of our home due to the cold weather, some people may have problems with mental health like mood swings, depression etc. Practice pranayama regularly and spend quality time with your family. A happy mind can contribute a lot to maintaining a healthy body. 

5.Joint pain 

 During winter, a warm atmosphere is needed inside the home along with ample winter clothing. Use warm water for bathing and drinking. Never consume refrigerated food during this season. Use pain balms like AIKOUT. 

 Our range of immune boosters and skin care products are also available just for you AGASTHYAVYOSHADI, ALLERGY CONTROL,etc. 

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