5 Tips for Your Hair Care During Winter

5 Tips for Your Hair Care During Winter

5 Tips for Your Hair Care During Winter 

When the cool breeze touches the earth, we say welcome with a woolen coat and a cup of hot chocolate. But are we seriously looking at our hair. 

Why is it Important? 

According to Ayurveda, VATA is associated with dryness and cold as it has the property- “thathra rooksho laghu sheetha khara sookshmaschalo anila:” (rookshatha means dryness and sheetha means cold). Dryness is the most important feature during winter. Natural oil production is reduced owing to the climate and thus we have to add moisturizer as a must in our skin care routine. Dandruff can also occur as a part of this dry frizzy hair. 

Winter Hair Care Tips and Tricks 

1.Moisturize with Oils

 It is a must to moisturize your hair to avoid dandruff occurring due to dryness. Oil massage over your scalp will also reduce scalp irritation and flakiness. You can use medicated oils like Neelibhringadi ,Keshavardhini, Dhurdhurapathradi etc. 

2.Avoid Hot Showers 

 Wash your hair in luke warm water. Avoid hot showers as it makes the scalp dry and causes flakiness, which can lead to dandruff. 

3.Wash Hair using Mild Cleansers 

Traditional air cleansers like chemparathy thali made with the paste of hibiscus petals and leaves can be used instead of harsh shampoos. Hair washing with harsh shampoos frequently can make the hair drier by removing natural oils. Mild herbal shampoos like Brahmi Amla shampoo ,Kerassence shampoo, Thali podi etc. can be advocated. After cleansing, use herbal conditioners like Kerassence 

4.Don't Leave Home with Wet Hair

Let the hair dry naturally as it is a must to avoid split ends and dandruff. 

5.Hairpacks Can Do Wonders

Hair packs containing hibiscus have proved to be beneficial in winter as they are a storehouse of Vitamin C,Keratin,AHAs etc.Pratika,Sukeshini etc.are some among such herbal packs 

 Along with these external measures, eat more healthily. Avoid over-hair washing and heat styling tools. LET'S ENJOY THE SNOW WITH SHINY HEALTHY HAIR. 






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