Introducing the Best Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine For You!

Introducing the Best Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine For You!

Ayurvedic hair care has captured the imagination and attention of many over the years. You might have always wanted to hop in on hair care techniques in traditional and natural ways. Or you might already know some strategies and follow them, not getting complete satisfaction from the routine.

Either way, you will find the optimum hair care routine to have beautiful hair in this post. Read on to discover the practice that best matches your specific hair problem and Ayurveda hair care benefits that provides maximum potential.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine for You

This segment explains a hair care ritual that generally applies to everyone. But you can follow the steps based on the specific hair conditions you are facing and also rely on them until you experience the results.


The first step is to find a suitable oil that matches your hair care goals. If you don’t know already, hair care is less about the hair and more about the scalp. And there is nothing better than regularly massaging your scalp with oil.

The best method is to use a traditional Ayurveda oil that offers nature’s gifts directly and possesses no side effects. You should make oil massage part of your daily routine.

If your primary goal is to strengthen and have shiny, smooth hair, Neelibhringadi Thailam is the perfect product for you. If you are aiming to reduce or prevent hair fall and increase hair volume, then go for Keshavardhini Thailam.

Use Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam if you are suffering from dandruff issues. You can also use Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to maintain healthy and smooth hair.

Ayurvedic hair care products start and end with essential or wellness oils to adore your hair. They are a boon since time immemorial and are popular among hair enthusiasts across the globe.

Hair Pack

Follow the oil massage with the application of a herbal hair pack. Remember to wash the oil off your hair before proceeding with a hair pack. We recommend the Alaka Series, which is a collection of Indian botanicals for nurturing gorgeous hair.

You can use Alaka Mendhika and Alaka Nila together if the desire is to strengthen your natural hair colour. Go for Alaka Pratika to exfoliate your scalp and also as a substitute for chemical shampoos.

If your main concern is about restoring your hair health and creating soft and lustrous, shiny hair, then go for Alaka Sukeshini. It is an all-powerful hair pack that promotes the Ayurveda botanicals of Hibiscus, Amla, Brahmi, Bhringaraj and Neem in a single collection.


The next step is to opt for a shampoo that is in sync with the oil that you used for massage. If you are using a hair pack, apply the shampoo only after washing it off.

Try Datura & Lemon Anti-dandruff Shampoo if you are primarily choosing the removal of dandruff and an itchy scalp. Tea Tree Polyherb Shampoo is also good for reducing dandruff, and it offers the extra benefit of scalp moisturization.

If you are like most of our customers who want a soft and shiny hair appearance, then Kerassence Shampoo is the way to go. Planning for natural hair colour restoration? Apply Brahmi & Amla Shampoo after washing off the Nila+Mendhika hair pack to get the best results.


It’s quite natural for you to forget about applying hair conditioners as it is mostly ignored in natural hair care tips. But trust our words about the impact it can make for improving your hair care ambitions.

With the goodness of virgin coconut oil, Kerassence Hair Conditioner is the organic solution you need for nourishing and strengthening your mane. Consistent application of a conditioner can assist you in meeting all the factors for the perfect hair.


Do you think that the above choices do not tick your checklist for the dreamy, lustrous locks you have always wanted? Or are you conservative about using oils, shampoos or hair packs regularly? Try our herbal supplement for hair growth, Gro-Hair.

You can consume this supplement in tablet form, and daily consumption will increase your chances for strong, shiny and healthy hair. You may consult a professional before consuming Gro-Hair.

Tips to Follow in Ayurvedic Hair Care

Listed below are the Ayurvedic hair care tips for all hair types:

  • You may pick the appropriate hair oil based on your dosha type or the season of your oil application. Consult your hair specialist to know more about such things.
  • While applying the oil, focus more on the time than the quantity. It is always better to use a small quantity of oil and apply it to your scalp. Then massage using gentle strokes and spread it on your head and hair.
  • Before application of any oil, hair pack or shampoo and washing it off, leave it on your head for some time. Give 30 minutes to an hour for oil and hair pack. You may wash the shampoo after a few minutes.
  • It is not necessary to apply all the products mentioned in this hair care routine. But remember to apply a suitable natural oil daily and back it up with a herbal shampoo.
  • Choose and use the solutions in this article based on your particular hair scenario and try to use them on a recurring note.
  • When it comes to hair care, always go for herbal solutions containing natural ingredients rather than chemical or synthetic products.
  • There are simple techniques apart from using products or herbal solutions. Never underestimate the role of frequent hair washing or mindful trimming and combing as part of natural hair care routine at home.
  • Undergo a healthy lifestyle like eating a balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep, exercising regularly and practising yoga or meditation. Stress management and work-life balance also matter in this regard. They are all helpful in realizing your hair care desires.
  • Always give more significance to your scalp than your hair. Hair care begins with a clean and healthy scalp. People usually forget this very important hair care 101 tip.
  • Ayurveda is your go-to solution for all your hair care aspirations. Try to stick with Ayurvedic solutions and processes no matter what to ensure the best hair that matches your imagination.
  • It is okay to seek professional expertise before following up with a hair procedure. Don’t simply rely on DIY ayurvedic hair care resources on the internet alone.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to use all the products in one go. Just use the ones that make sense for the present hair scenario and keep the rest of the Ayurvedic hair care ingredients or solutions in your memory. When the need and time arises, you know where to turn to keep your hair healthy and happy.

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