Honey for a Sweet Monsoon Ahead!

Honey for a Sweet Monsoon Ahead!

Want to have something yummy and sweet this season, in the chilling cold of rain? The first choice can surely be pure honey Mixed fruit drinks of course. What makes honey from bee farms so special in this season? Yes, it is nourishing and able to scrap excess mucous accumulated in your body in this rainy season. Honey in Ayurveda  is known as Madhu. Being a powerful healing substance, honey is an essential ingredient in medicines that soothe the skin, respiratory and digestive tract. You might wonder hearing that honey has 8 varieties mentioned as per Ayurvedic classics, don’t you? 

Honey – A Gist  

Honey, an astringent, soothing medicine is used in its unheated form. It contains Vitamin B 6, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, phenolic acid and flavonoids in plenty. It contains Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, sodium, phosphorous, zinc like elements also.  Honey prevents flatulence, constipation and hyperacidity and these increases  importance of honey among Ayurvedic medicines.  The best honey is hot in nature and is healing and scraping in action.  

Do you know?  

Honey mixed with ghee in equal quantity and raw honey when used in heated form are poisonous in nature. Ayurveda says to take care of honey quantity also while internally consuming. Heating honey causes degradation of enzymes, minerals and vitamins in it.  

Honey for skin – a beautifying healing face pack 

You can try a wonderful honey-gram flour face pack this season which is exfoliative and cleansing at the same time. Next time you splash some raindrops on your face, you ought to feel some new glow on your face, the smoothness due to the marvelous honey in this secret face pack recipe. You can mix 2 tsp honey with 2 tbsp of gram flour, mix well and apply on water cleansed face with a circular massage. Take care not to let the face pack too dry and wash it off before that. Pat t dry your face and use a circular motion while massaging your face. This will improve blood circulation all er your face. Honey and milk combo is also nourishing to your body as a whole. Honey for men – this can be a skin rejuvenating substance for men also.  

Honey in diet  

Honey is a good to go for dietary article in the monsoon, mix some lemon juice with honey in the early morning. You will feel rejuvenated as well as able to get rid of excess weight rather quickly and effectively using this tip. Ayurveda advocates Madhudakam – honey mixed water in rainy season regimen.  

Properties of Honey 

WHO classifies honey as a demulcent – it forms a protective film which releases into the mouth and throat when consumed. Honey is used as a sweetener and preservative. It is also a laxative. It also has anti-bacterial, antioxidant properties. It increases digestion and aids weight loss, relief from cough, sore throat, Honey is also a powerful detoxifying medicine. Honey is used mainly in the treatment of eye diseases, obesity, vomiting etc. 

Honey is able to act as a vehicle substance. Say when you add honey to a cough syrup, the herbal essence of ingredients like Vasa ( Adhatoda vasica ) , ginger, pepper, long pepper etc. reach the target of respiratory system more effectively. Honey also amplifies the healing potency of the medicine as a whole. It also increases the palatability of the medicine. Remember mixing any medicinal powder with honey to give to your child and that little kid ingesting it saying, yummy!! This can be included among honey benefits in Ayurveda for sure.  

Identify Pure Honey  

As the herbal medicine market is loaded with cheap ingredients- mixed versions of honey, identifying the right organic honey is crucial for you. Let's see how to find real pure honey.  

  • Pure honey will not spread quickly when put into water.  
  • It will settle at bottom and the taste will be somewhat sweet and astringent mixed in nature.  
  • Honey dissolves in water only when it contains added sugar syrup like substances in it. Now you can see all by yourself if you are having pure honey with you, right? 

Dos and don'ts of Honey 

  • As honey is hot and dry in nature, it can be used to reduce swelling and excess mucous, the  Kapha energy related symptoms.  
  • Care not to use honey in warm conditions and in summer season or in excessive dosage. This will make honey harmful for the body as it is Virudha food, the contradictory combination of food articles elaborated well in Ayurveda.  
  • Avoid taking more than 3 tsp of honey daily. 1 tsp is fine to take daily. Even famous Ayurvedic medicines like Triphala powder is taken mixed with honey and ghee at night to improve eye sight.  
  • Excessive honey intake can cause some sort of sluggishness and indigestion in the body.   

External Application of Honey  

It is good to use in cuts, wounds, burns, no healing ulcers. It is used with lemon juice for headache, abdominal ain , etc. Did you know before that, honey is applied on mouth ulcers too to promote faster healing. Honey mixed with cold ater is used to cure insomnia. 

Honey and Bipha ayurveda  

Purity and multiple usage are what makes honey a distinct medicine. Bipha yuarveda has a set of excellent products which are fully natural, free from synthetic preservatives and additives. These products are incorporated in a wide range like skin care, hair care, immunity and healthcare supplements etc. taken from the world of Ayurvedic wisdom. Bipha ayurveda, the legendary Ayurveda company has made Ayurveda enter the global market. Check out the goodness of honey wrapped with oats in it, the Honey oatmeal herbal bar here. 

Honey oatmeal herbal bar  

Loaded with oats and honey, this natural, pH balanced handmade herbal bar has restorative properties.  Oats is known for its cleansing and Exfoliating Properties. Oats exfoliate and help retain skin moisture. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells.    Honey works as a natural dead skin exfoliator improving skin appearance and texture. Honey has emollients that retain moisture and replenishes skin. 


  • Handmade and handcrafted with perfection  
  • Cold process herbal soap  
  • Free from hardening agents, sulphates, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, animal fat, petroleum derivatives, triclosan  
  • pH balanced  
  • Unique blend of effective ingredients 

Embrace and experience the healing world of Ayurveda.  

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