Ayurvedic Lip Care – Super Tips to make your Lips Fuller 

by Miriam Jojo on May 16, 2022

Ayurveda envisages the lip to be one of the sensitive areas in the face. When you are lacking moisture in your lips as a result of weather changes, continuous sun exposure etc., you will have to again start caring for your lips from the beginning, from the basics. Afterall, your face will have a unique glow when you smile with those soft pink lips, right?! Even if you have pretty white teeth, your lips say how much you care about yourself. Whether you are wearing a lip balm or lip gloss, that too will be noticed. 

Believe it or not!  

People stare at you when you talk and notice your lip color also. Make it a habit not to bite your lips too often, it can darken your lips! 

Causes for dry and dull lips  

This can happen when you often use harsh chemical makeup and go out for prolonged hours. Even consuming hot spicy food for long periods makes a burning sensation in your lips.  

Symptoms of chapped lips  

Flaking, cracks, sores, swelling lips and bleeding lips show chapped lips. This condition can heal within two to three weeks if properly cared for.  

Taking care of your sweet lips  

The mantra here will be to first exfoliate the dead cells and remove them wisely using ingredients like sugar and honey, after this, you can give internal nourishment by using moisturizing substances like rose petals and milk, milk and turmeric, beet root juice, coconut oil, aloe vera and honey etc.  Coconut oil being a natural emollient is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in action. It acts as a barrier protecting the sensitive skin of lips. It also heals and moisturizes the skin.  

Topical application of Vitamin E oil and cucumber slices are also good to apply on a daily basis. Special lip care masks like turmeric - tomato mask are also good to include in your routine whenever you get time to care for your lips. These come under lip care routine home remedies also.  

For lightening your lip color  

Mix one tablespoon tomato juice, one table spoon lemon juice, ½ table spoon turmeric, together in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Turmeric is a proven melanin inhibitor and it thus causes lightening of lips.  

Lip care dos and don'ts  

  • As you know, lips are so tender and sensitive, tending to become dark due to scorching sun rays. It is wise to avoid sunlight exposure or resorting to hot drinks too often to guard your lips well.  
  • Take seasonal care, say in winter make them stay nourished by applying aloe and coconut oil mixture and in summer, apply cooling lip balms to make them pretty and remain protected from heat.   
  • Stay hydrated always, drink at least 8 glasses of water. You can also make it a habit to drink Ayurvedic thirst quencher boiled water like Bipha dahamruth .  
  • Have fresh juices and watery vegetables like cucumber, melon varieties so as to maintain clear skin also.  
  • Never go for synthetic perfumes and cosmetics laden with chemicals. You can opt for herbal products for cosmetic care also. This will always be suitable for your skin care.  

DIY Lip mask 1- turmeric yoghurt lip mask  

Mix a pinch of turmeric powder to one table spoon yoghurt and apply this mask on face after cleansing it with water. You can also apply face packs like Charu sutra ambika  before applying this mask. Keep the mask for about 10 minutes and wash it off carefully. Pat dry and massage your face in a circular motion.  

DIY Lip mask 2 – coconut oil honey mask                                                                     Mix 1 drop of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of honey together and make a thick paste. Apply it on your lips using a soft tooth brush and wash it off after 10 minutes.  

Herbal care for your lips  

Ayurveda, being the ancient herbal medicinal system says, excessive dryness increases wind energy Vata in the lips making it dark and pigmented. Heat energy Pitta when increased makes lips with dryness and with sweating and burning sensation like associated symptoms. See these cherished oils meant for skin and lip care, and explore their seamless benefits too here.  

Rose oil – multitude of floral goodness  

Rose oil is an essential oil rich in volatile oils, and is good for preventing ageing in skin and conditions like inflammation.   

Neroli oil – a wonder oil  

Neroli oil is an aromatherapy oil taken from bitter orange citrus flowers. It is extracted by steam distillation. It is very famous as it exudes an exotic citrus smell and has a soothing effect. It is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and an effective anti-oxidant capable of reducing skin irritation also. It rejuvenates your skin by internally moisturizing and it boosts cell regeneration. 

Bipha Rose and neroli lip balm 

  • Bipha Rose and neroli lip balm is an excellent skin-replenishing and softening Lip butter; It gives light natural looking sheen and leaves lips soft, smooth and crack free. 
  • A rich cocoa butter-based lip butter; emollient properties of cocoa butter act as a protective barrier retaining moisture in the lips;100 % Natural; Paraben free; Synthetic color & Fragrances free.  
  • Enriched with Almond oil, Virgin coconut oil, castor oil, rose oil helps moisturize, and Nourishes lips; Rose oil hydrates dry and chapped lips with a soothing aroma; a non-greasy element in virgin coconut oil keeps lips healthy and supple. 


Bipha ayurveda and beauty care  

Bipha Ayurveda, a 91year old company from the land of Ayurveda of tradition and innovation offers nature's best, packaged for you combining the purest high-quality ingredients with age old science of Ayurveda. All products of Bipha Ayurveda are purely based on Authentic ayurvedic principles and are completely natural and free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives. You can trust Ayurvedic care provided by us and go ahead with your healthy routine lip care tips. Make sure you are thinking positively and moving forward progressively.  


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