Shilajith -Pure Himalayan Shilajith extract Veg Capsule- Mineral supplement for Strength,Stamina ,Vitality & Energy Booster-60 Capsules

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100 % natural and safe Phyto-complex that contains 500 mg of pure extract of Shilajit in a gelatin-free cellulose vegetarian capsule loaded with Fulvic acid that helps to absorb nutrients from the body. Improves sexual health and acts as a rejuvenator to increase stamina and energy.

  • Act as a natural energy booster & improves Stamina  & Vigour.
  • A rich source of Fulvic acid, which possesses antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, in turn, act as an immunomodulator.
  • Act as good rasayana ( rejuvenate & increases longevity ) and vajikarana drug (aphrodisic).
  • Gelatin free vegetable cellulose capsules, free from gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, added colours, added flavours. Non-GMO.
  • Antidiabetic properties aids to reduce blood glucose levels.

Key  Ingredient Features

It is a Phyto complex that is produced by the decomposition of plant material from species such as Euphorbia royleana and Trifolium repens. Contains 60-70% of Fulvic acid, which is known for its properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cognitive,anti-allergic and immunomodulator. 

How to Use

Take One capsule twice daily before food.

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Key Ingredients

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