Rasnadi Churnam

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A traditionally used churnam that is known for its strong protective function and effectiveness in keeping allergies, upper respiratory tract infections and colds away. Created from generations-old Ayurvedic recipes and fortified with healing herbs from the rainforests of Kerala, a pinch of this powder promises to keep the doctor away.   

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Greater Galangal 
  2. Winter Cherry 
  3. Deodar 
  4. Picrorhiza 
  5. Musamber 
  6. Shale 
  7. Costus 
  8. Red Ochre 
  9. Turmeric 
  10. Liquorice 
  11. Country Mallow 
  12. Nut Grass 
  13. Dried Ginger 
  14. Pepper 
  15. Long Pepper 
  16. Puti 
  17. Sahasravedi 
  18. Black Vetiver 
  19. Khus Khus Grass 
  20. Phenaka 
  21. Srikanta 
  22. Eaglewood 
  23. Tamarind   

Benefits - What’s in It for You?    

  • Fights against allergies 
  • Removes respiratory infections 
  • Relieves your cold   

How To Use    

Smear a pinch of this powder on the crown of the head after the bath. 

Manufactured & Marketed by

Bipha Drug Laboratories Pvt Ltd

B1-B4 Industrial Estate

Ettumanoor Kottayam 686631

Kerala India

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Key Ingredients

Hibiscus Laevis (Hibiscus)
Hibiscus Laevis (Hibiscus)

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