Prostate Care Veg Capsule Supplement for Prostate Care

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A comprehensive proprietary  blend of Phytonutrients  that helps in Improving prostate health. It Supports normal Urine flow and helps empty the urinary bladder. It supports male hormone balance . The formula helps relieve pain. inflammation and discomfort associated with urination . Tribulus Helps in maintaining male hormonal balance and Urinary functions. The formula is loaded with herbal bioactive that supports Optimal urine output ,male hormon balance, pain and inflammation.

Very few men think about the health of their prostate, a walnut sized gland in the male body that sits right underneath their bladder. For reasons still unclear, this gland happens to enlarge, rather than shrink, with age being the cause of the urination issues that occur in half of all men by age 50. 

Generally, the realization on the importance of prostate health comes, only when men experience problems with it. Prostate problems are painful and may interrupt urine flow. If corrective measures are not taken on time, it can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is important to take steps to maintain a strong and healthy prostate. 

Prostate care supplement from Bipha Ayurveda is a comprehensive proprietary blend of Phytonutrients that helps in improving prostate health. It Supports normal Urine flow and helps empty the urinary bladder. Also supports male hormone balance. It helps relieve pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with urination. 

Benefits of Ingredients 

  • Cow hage/Kapikachu 

Cow hage is a rich source of antioxidant and protect hormones from oxidative damage and also maintain healthy testicular functions. It helps in active functioning of Sukra dhatu. 

  • Tribulus terrestris/Gokshura 

The saponins present in Tribulus - naturally occurring chemical compounds that makes up around 40% of the herb said to have a testosterone-boosting effect and improve prostate health. It is also useful to manage urinary problems as it is a potent diuretic and helps to improve urine flow. 

  • Astercantha longifolia 

This herb promotes increased production of urine. It has diuretic properties that can relieve one from the difficulty of passing urine. 

How to use? 

As a dietary supplement, take two tablets twice daily. or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

Manufactured & Marketed by

Bipha Drug Laboratories Pvt Ltd

B1-B4 Industrial Estate

Ettumanoor Kottayam 686631

Kerala India


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Key Ingredients

Cow Hage
Cow Hage
Elephant Creeper
Elephant Creeper
Holostemma Creeper
Holostemma Creeper
Velvet Beans
Velvet Beans

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