Dasamoolarishtam 450 ml

A combination of ten herbs with ability to act on a wide range of health problems. A strong stimulant, it relieves fatigue, lack of appetite and indigestion. Widely used as a general tonic in old age and in post-natal care, it is also recommended for cardiac disorders, respiratory diseases, asthma and breathing troubles, cough, pneumonia, gastric irritation and anemia.

Key Ingredients

Eruveli (Coleus)
Jathikka (Nutmeg)
Kadukapalayari (Bitter Oleander)
Kakoli (Himalayan Fritillary)
Kasthori (Indian Barberry)
Kottam (Costus)
Kuruthottiveru (Country Mallow)
Nagapoovu (Scarlet Pentapetes)
Pathimukham (Wild Himalayan Cherry)
Thakkolam (Star Anise)

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