Ashokarishtam - 450 ml

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Ashokarishtam is the best ‘female uterine tonic’ to treat all menstrual problems. The prime ingredient (bark of the Asoka tree) in this formulation has a multifaceted balancing effect on female hormones. It improves the proper functioning of the female reproductive system. Effective as a tonic for women suffering from vaginal discharge, it regularises the interval between two cycles of menstruation and eliminates menstrual cramps and pain.   

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?    

  1. Asoka 
  2. Jaggery 
  3. Myrobalan 
  4. Beleric Myrobalan 
  5. Fire-flame Bush 
  6. Wild Celery 
  7. Purple Nut Sedge 
  8. Ginger 
  9. Amla 
  10. Cumin 
  11. Sandalwood 
  12. Indian Crocus   

Benefits - What’s in It for You?    

  • Treats all menstrual problems 
  • Acts as a uterine tonic 
  • Improves reproductive system functioning   

How To Use    

Take 30ml twice, daily after food.   

Manufactured & Marketed by

Bipha Drug Laboratories Pvt Ltd

B1-B4 Industrial Estate

Ettumanoor Kottayam 686631

Kerala India

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