Arimedadi oil -Ayurvedic oil for healthy gums and oral health 30 ml

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Arimedadi is a Ayurvedic oil recommended for reducing gum swelling and pain by strengthening and tightening gum tissues, providing you healthy gums. Gargling and oil pulling of Arimedadi is very effective in preventing  tooth decay and bad breath. It is also effective in  mouth and tongue ulcers, bleeding gums, chronic dry throat and cracked lips. It helps in alleviating the inflammation around the soft tissues surrounding the crown of the partial erupted tooth .It is also effective in Burning mouth syndrome 

  • Babool helps in strengthening gums, teeth and reduce plaque and inflammation, It prevents tooth decay, gum inflammation and bad breath.
  • Nalpamara a combination of four ficus bark which helps in curing Sheetha danta ( Tooth Sensitivity ) in which ‘Vata’ in the body gets inflamed and causes a soothing effect when the teeth come in contact with hot and cold foodstuffs .
  • Seasame oil is traditionally used in strengthening teeth, gums, and jaws and to prevent tooth decay and bleeding gums.
  • Yestimadhu/Liquorice is found to be effective in the treatment of various oral ailments including dental caries, gingivitis and bleeding gums. It is useful in oral thrush and mouth ulcers.
  • Twak /Cinnamon works in prevention of bad breath through its antibacterial activity against the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

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