Alaka Nila - 100% Pure Organic Indigo hair colour

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Alaka Nila is a 100% Pure Organic  Indigo. hair colour free from Ammonia , Synethic colours and chemicals

Alaka Nila, is a natural Indigo  hair dye created from the powdered leaves of the Indigo plant which can provide  black shade tones to the hair .

Indigo is known to be used  traditionally as a natural dye and was used extensively as a natural hair dye .

Natural Indigo  deepens the colour  tones of  existing black hair and provides an  even sheen  for black hair . Alaka Nila Pure Organic Natural Indigo hair colour can be combined with Bipha Ayurveda Alaka Mendhika 100%  Natural Pure Organic Henna  to create different hues of brown   and black to lend beauty to your hair.

  • Pure Natural Indigo hair colour was traditionally used as a natural dye and was extensively used as a hair dye .
  • Provides  bluish - black colour to hair
  • Brown - Auburn colour variants can be achieved by mixing with Bipha Ayurveda Alaka  Mendhika 100% Natural Pure Organic Henna
  • Free from Ammonia , Chemical and synethic colours
  • Provides a natural conditioning to hair and strengthens hair follicles. 

Regular use of 100% Natural Pure organic Indigo powder Alaka Nila protects and promotes hair conditioning and may have beneficial effects in premature greying


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