Agasthya Vyoshadi - Herbal Remedy for Respiratory health and cough 400 gm

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Agastya Vyoshadi Lehyam is a classical Ayurveda recipe for respiratory problems. The lehyam provides an active passage for easy breathing. The formulation is made from ingredients that are tonic in nature and have great natural expectorant properties. Agasthya Vyoshadi is also a great herbal remedy for productive and recurrent cough. '

Ingredients - What Does It Contain?  

  1. Bilva root 
  2. Gambhari root 
  3. Patala root 
  4. Syonaka root 
  5. Agnimantha root 
  6. Prisniparni root 
  7. Shalaparni root 
  8. Brihati root 
  9. Thikthaka root 
  10. Chitraka root 
  11. Bala root 
  12. Gokshura fruit 
  13. Gajapippali fruit 
  14. Maricham fruit 
  15. Yava fruit 
  16. Shati rhizome 
  17. Shunti rhizome 
  18. Jaggery 

Benefits - What’s In It For You?  

  • Effective for respiratory illness 
  • Fights cough and cold 
  • Offers relief in breathing issues 

How To Use  

Take 5-10 gm after food, thrice a day. Patients are advised to avoid curd, chillies, fried food, milk, and other vata kapha vardhaka ahara while taking Agasthya Vyoshadi Lehyam. They should also take rest, eat light foods and warm, clear liquids. 

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