Stress Relief Massage Oil 90 ML - Balances and harmonizes Bodily functions

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Bipha Ayurveda Stress Relief Massage Oil triggers the body's natural relaxation response, providing a powerful antidote to stress.. Virgin coconut oil-based  Stress Relief Massage Oil helps reduce the level of cortisol and helps relief stress.

  •  Virgin coconut oil extracted from farm-fresh, matured coconuts from Kerala  by cold process, it is as pure as mother's milk that nourishes and moisturizes skin
  • Geranum oil help lessen feelings of stress and calm nerves.   
  • Lavender essential oil is revered for its stress-relieving and sleep-inducing properties.
  • Rosemary essential helps in lowering the cortisol level in the blood.
  • 100% Vegetarian                             
  • Preservative-free                             
  • Mineral oil-free                               
  • Synthetic colour and fragrance-free.                                         
  • Silicones free                                                                                                                  

How to Use:

Gently apply on the skin  till it is completely absorbed 

Key Ingredients

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