Alaka Pratika - 100% Natural Pure Organic Hibiscus Hair cleanser -Chemical free

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Bipha Ayurveda Alaka Pratika is  100% Natural Pure Organic Hibiscus hair wash powder made from dried Organic Hibiscus leaves sourced from Kerala .

Hibiscus - the tropical flowering plant found extensively in India was  used as a  natural hair cleanser  and a conditioner , since time immemorial .

Traditionally , the leaves and flowers   of fresh Hibiscus were crushed to make a natural shampoo which was applied to mildy cleanse hair . We at Bipha Ayurveda  found this ritual to be very intrinsic to the bath rituals which existed in olden times and endeavored to recreate he magic of long lustrous hair.

Hibiscus leaves and flowers are carefully handpicked from the plains of Kerala , sundried and carefully crushed  and powdered to create a 100% Pure Natural Organic hair cleanser which mildly cleanses and conditions  hair 

This 100% Natural hair cleanser is free from Sulphates , Synthetic chemical, colour free .

  • Alaka Pratika 100% Pure Natural  Hibiscus hair cleanser makes  hair resistant to damage
  • Revitalizes hair follicles and  removes sebum and build-up from the scalp
  • The antioxidants in hibiscus leaves stimulate hair growth and replenish hair strength to make it wonderfully silky and lustrous.
  • An amazing substitute for chemical shampoos
  • Alaka Pratika can be safely used for all ages for daily chemical free hair cleansing.

Alaka Prathika 100% Pure Natural Organic  Hibiscus hair cleanser can be used  as a hair cleanser   after application of Bipha Ayurveda Alaka Nila , Alaka Mendhika for a natural experience

Alaka Prathika natural hair cleanser can be used after application of Bipha Ayurveda Neelibringhadi , Keshavardhini , Dhurdhurapathradi hair o

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