Murivenna – The Powerful Ayurvedic First Aid Oil

by Miriam Jojo on April 18, 2022

Have you heard of Ayurvedic first aid essentials ever that you can simply keep and use with ease ? What can be used in such a way ? See more here in this blog – a potent Ayurvedic herbal oil – the greenish yellow Murivenna which is a medicinal elixir indeed . You have heard of elders at your home praising benefits of Murivenna. What makes its so special since ages ? Let’s discover.  

Murivenna – an intro  

Murivenna is an Ayurvedic contribution from Kerala , the name means wound oil. But is it only for wound ? Not at all . It has got a wide variety of uses in your day to day life .  

Imagine how will feel suddenly when you get a sprain while chasing a bus when coming back home . You will feel tired after a hard exercise workout and many more such instances . Even your little toddler may fall while playing some times . If you have  a bottle of Murivenna of reputed Ayurvedic company like Bipha ayurveda , you can surely ensure the best Ayurvedic care at your home itself .   

Uses of Murivenna Oil 

Murivenna is useful in reducing swelling and pain and it helps to strengthen your joints and muscles with regular application . In Ayurveda , it has got applications in therapeutic procedures like Abhyanga , Kati vasti , Pichu etc . It is also mixed with other potent Ayurvedic oils to ensure maximum treatment efficacy.  

Being a potent analgesic , it also dilates blood vessels and enhances blood circulation . It reduces stiffness and spasm associated with vital energy imbalances like that of Vata , Pitta and Rakta in the body . It has the capacity to heal non healing ulcers and even diabetic carbuncles . It can also heal bone fractures and help in bone setting . Murivenna along with Shigru aka Moringa leaves is bandaged together in such instances for quick healing and recovery.  

Murivenna  ingredients are herbs like Moringa oleifera , onion , asparagus , aloevera etc prepared in coconut oil base and this is an effective anti fungal , anti bacterial medicated oil . Aloevera and Asparagus has healing powers , onion aids in reducing heat energy in the body and also reduces pain and bleeding in fissure , hemorrhoids etc . These fresh herbs give this oil an enchanting medicinal aroma and greenish color as well . Thanks to greenish wonder Aloevera too for making this oil a feast to see and use also .  

This powerful Ayurvedic formulation also ensures soothing properties and reduction of itching and pain owing to presence of coconut oil as the base . Murivenna is also one among the pioneer Ayurvedic formulations that has many modified versions of making. This itself is the proof for its effectiveness and popularity in the Ayurvedic medicinal making and use among the people.  

Do you know ?  

As an effective first aid , you may use this oil for your little one’s diaper rash too ! It will make your kids skin soft and protected always.  

In a nut shell 

Murivenna is an Ayurveda medicinal oil for wounds, burns, fractures and ligament Injuries. It is the only First Aid you need in your medicine cabinet, especially with kids around. A purely herbal oil, this treats all kinds of wounds, burns and scars. Murivenna benefits are - it provides relief in swelling, fractures, sprains and arthritis and fast wound healing. It is cent percent natural, free from silicones and other artificial preservatives.  It has no mineral oil or petroleum derivatives in it among contents and contains no synthetic colors and fragrances.  

Usage of Murivenna  

 Apply the oil over the affected area .Leave it as such for 30 minutes . If you are having conditions like Frozen shoulder , Murivenna should used in warm condition for better results. This helps the oil to penetrate deeper to the tissues and spread faster for good pain and stiffness relief.  

Ingredients of Murivenna  

  • Pongamia glabra (Karanja) -Due to its ropana (healing) and antimicrobial property it is used skin to manage boils and eczema as well as heal wounds, Pongamia helps in pacifying Vata and Kapha doshas . It helps in relieving pain and inflammation . 
  • Moringa oliefera (Shigru) leaves are rich in vitamins A, C, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 and Folate. They are also rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. The presence of isothiocyanates in Moringa leaves helps to alleviate inflammation. Moringa leaves are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene that act against free radicals.  
  • Regarding the antiseptic property of Moringa leaves, its leaves fight off many bacterial infections and they helps wound healing and help to heal bruises, minor cuts, and burns quickly as they reduce the clotting time. Moringa leaves are rich sources of calcium and phosphorus which provide a good bone health. 
  • Allium cepa (Palandu) contains a bioactive molecule quercetin which is anti-inflammatory. The free radical scavaging and antibacterial action helps to fasten the wound healing process and also helps in reducing swelling in joints and muscles. 
  • Coconut oil has extra lubricating powers with which it helps relieve swelling and pain in joints . Due to snigdha (oily) and ropana ( Healing ) properties Coconut oil helps in wound healing and manages scars and blemishes. 
Bipha ayurveda and Murivenna  

Murivenna Thailam– the traditional oil is famous in Ayurveda. The same analogy is applicable to Bipha Ayurveda also. Bipha having a 90 plus years legacy in the Ayurvedic medicinal field is also revolutionizing the Ayurveda. Murivenna is one among the pioneer Kerala oriented medicines made by Bipha Ayurveda and is famous for its effectiveness and all-purpose utility at home.  

First aid at home ensures you are protected always and are equipped to face sudden health issues like pain , fractures , burns , bites etc. These days , the awareness of these first aid techniques needs to be more inculcated in our society . You can also adopt Ayurveda and propagate usage of time tested traditional formula of Murivenna to keep your skin and body protected from external trauma. When you are equipped to handle the unforeseen circumstances , you become unstoppable. Experience power of Ayurveda at your home , embrace pure herbal wisdom. 


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by Rajalakshmi on September 26, 2023

My Pranams to the great physicians for the wonderful discovery of Murivenna.
It has been of great relief when I had fractured my arm last year and mcl injury on my knee recently.
With out any pain killer or allopathic medicine I am being cured gradually:
Sree Dhanvantraye namah. 🙏🙏🙏y


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