How to fight Acne in Monsoon?

by Miriam Jojo on August 24, 2021

Skincare in the monsoon season can be tricky for some. The constant exposure to the humid atmosphere renders it susceptible to dehydration and damage.

During the monsoon, the sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing body oils and regulating perspiration, go into overdrive due to the increased humidity. This can lead to breakouts and oily skin. 

It is the one season when your skin is neither fully moisturized nor it is dry. This monsoon, take that extra step to prevent seasonal health issues. A natural road to health and wellness can start with bringing these hacks into your life in a significant way.

Ayurveda tells us that it is so important to use only natural skin care products, practices, and to formulate a routine that is uniquely balancing for your skin type.

In Ayurveda, Pitta dosha governs all heat-related things within the body and that is metabolism, transformation resulting heat within. And too much Pitta, meaning there is out of balance Pitta within the skin -- that can appear as redness. You can have skin breakouts or even rashes. All these happens specially in monsoon season (Varsha Ritucharya as per Ayurveda).

An excess of pitta causes too much heat in the body and in order to balance, you want to bring in a cooling aspect to it.

To calm and soothe your Pitta skin here is a couple of tips using natural ingredients.

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  1. Drink lots of water

The first and foremost rule for clear skin is drinking lots of water. Breakouts can be avoided when one drinks an ample amount of water every day. This healthy habit keeps the digestive system in good shape, leaves your skin smooth, and avoids binge-eating.

  1. Cool from within

Avoid those hot, spicy dinners, avoid that overheating food and favor cooling foods, cooling fruits, cooling vegetables, whole foods. Foods like cucumber, sweet juicy fruits, melons, watermelons, and especially coconut. Pitta loves to be balanced with coconut. Add in that coconut water, coconut oil. There are a number of recipes available that include coconut to help balance Pitta from within.

  • Gently Cleanse

Use only natural ingredients. Always remember, not to over cleanse. To protect your Pitta skin, you especially want to avoid harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients in your skin care or even in your cosmetics that can lead to imbalanced skin. So do avoid all of those and resort to something gentle and formulated for Pitta by Bipha Ayurveda.

  • Indian Aloe and Rose cleansing lotion

A unique formulation of natural ingredients that cleanses and freshens up your skin. It cleanses your skin deeply by gently removing impurities, dirt and makeup from skin pores. It leaves your skin naturally moisturised without drying. Lavender and rose leave a captivating fragrance on skin. Regular use keeps your skin rich, smooth and silky.

  • Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Wash

Tea tree & Rosemary face wash is a balanced blend of naturally active and herb essences for a gentle protective wash. Tea tee oil is known to be skin protective and fights harmful pathogens.  The stimulating properties of rosemary oil help restore skin elasticity. Aloe vera is a natural astringent, hydrates heals and soothes skin.

  • Indian Aloe face wash

Indian Aloe face wash is a gentle face cleanser made from raw  Aloe vera, and pure essences of Geranium, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Natural Vitamin -E  to gently cleanse and nurture your soft youthful skin. The mild face wash is formulated to cleanse your skin gently and to retain the natural skin oil balance. The face cleanser is made from pure extracts of Aloe Vera - renowned to soothe and heal skin and has strong astringent properties.

A natural skin purifier and effective for acnes. Pamper your skin with the goodness of Tulsi extract infused with the goodness of exotic essential oils cleanse, hydrate and preserve natural balance. This purifying herbal bar exfoliates dead cells, clarifies and erase blemishes leaving skin smooth and soft.

  1. Tone your skin

After cleansing, use a gentle toner.

  • Rose water

Now its absolutely good using just pure, organic Rose Water as a toner. It is very simple to use. You can either spritz your face or spritz a cotton round and then rub that cotton round all along your face within the creases to help pull off any kind of dirt that may have accumulated on your face. It is very gentle and very balancing and cooling for Pitta.

Another alternative to rose water is Bipha Ayurveda facial mist.

Madurai Jasmine Face mist is a natural astringent which hydrates and balances the pH of the skin, tightens the pores and relaxes the mind. The fragrance gives a soothing and refreshing effect.

  1. Soothe your skin- Moisturize

Now Bipha Ayurveda Ragini Eladi Cream can do the trick.

This has absolutely no chemical preservatives in it. An Ayurvedic formulation from the ancient literature that it is extremely beneficial for balancing for sensitive skin and removes acnes. It is just a blend of potent botanical extracts that can be incredibly important to be mindful in the monsoon season.

  • Ragini Eladi Cream

A hydrating and nourishing formula skin balm fortified with Virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic Botanicals like Cardamom, cinnamon, saffron Chaulmoogra, Nutmeg help improving overall skin tone, Treasured for its skin-illuminating properties, this unique blend leaves you with more youthful and radiant skin. An ultra-rich cocoa and mango butter-based cream enriched with vitamin E and virgin coconut oil infused with Traditional Ayurvedic skin oil - Eladi oil.

Apply on the face after cleansing and massage with circular and reverse circular motions.

  1. Use a Face Mask

Masks do so much good for the face. They’re hydrating, brightening, cleansing, and calming. Using an ideal face mask once in a week particularly during the downpours of monsoon can prevent breakouts and you can bid bye to acnes.

A unique blend of Aloe vera, Neem and natural oils is a perfect combination Neem contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that keep all harmful bacteria at bay. It acne-proofs the skin and controls the oil production on the skin. Aloe vera help reducing inflammation. It would also help removing bacteria from your skin and allow skin to heal naturally. The mask is also effective in removing skin tan and pigmentation.

Tips to prevent pimples  

  • Keep your face clean and wash it at least twice a day with a milder face wash  
  • Never go to bed with makeup on. 
  • Use chemical-free makeup remover, Use clean cotton pads to remove makeup, as it often ends up leading the pores to clog. 
  • Occasional massage on face with any of the Pitta reducing oils like coconut oil is good for the skin. You can also use beauty serum like Kumkumadi oil for the massage.
  • If you are suffering from a breakout, never touch or pop any pimple. 
  • Keep away from direct sun. Always wear sunscreen if you spend a lot of time outdoors.  
  • A healthy diet is the best way to keep breakouts. Eat a lot of greens and drink plenty of healthy fluids for natural skin 
  • Drink adequate amounts of water- Two liters a day to sum it up! Water helps to flush out the toxins. Drinking plenty of water can also help your skin to stay hydrated and healthy. 
  • Be sure to get a healthy amount of sleep. This is one of the healthiest and most appealing lifestyle improvements you can make.
  • Avoid stress - Stress can trigger a lot of changes in your body which can make sebaceous glands overactive leading to pimples.   

Monsoon season can take a toll in your skin care routine. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your complexion healthy and clear during the rainy season and any other time of year and help you formulate a skin care routine that is just as unique as you are.


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