Face scrubbing this monsoon made easy!

Face scrubbing this monsoon made easy!

The earth gets wet when the tiny rain droplets kiss it from the sky. A delightful sight, this can make you see and feel good and pretty cool. At your home, having a cup of dry ginger tea Chukku kaapi and enjoying the rains is pleasant, of course. What about the experience when you are travelling with an umbrella in that rain?!  

You feel to wash your face as soon as you enter back your home, right? Maybe you want to wash the sweat off the face as soon as possible; you search for face wash then and there itself. Ayurvedic face wash like Indian aloe face wash can be soothing and a colour fest also. Imagine the fresh green clear aloe vera gel healing your skin removing the impurities away! Too cool and good thing to go for always.  

Need for scrubbing the face  

Monsoon season makes you expose to external winds, rains and dirt. You won't be properly washing off the sweat because you feel cool in your body unlike summer season where you prefer to take a bath even twice a day.  

The skin pores will get blocked due to accumulated sweat and dirt and this needs proper deep cleansing for maintaining healthy skin. What happens if it is not done properly? Appearance of pimples and blackheads happen without delay. You can expect even more faster occurrence of skin issues if you are a diehard fan of fried chips and carbonated fizzy drinks. It is thus necessary for your sweet skin to get cleansed, healed and then nourished and pampered.  

Monsoon skin care routine  

Cleanse your skin using face washes like Neem patchouli face wash. Wipe your face with a dry tissue and take Walnut & Apricot Face Scrub in your hand. Apply it. After this, you can choose face pack or mask suitable to your condition. You can adopt this regimen at least twice in a month.  

Walnut & Apricot Face Scrub In detail  

A blend of crushed Walnut shells, Apricot kernel oil, Aloe vera and other essential oils. A textured facial scrub enriched with Vitamin E, it deeply cleanses dirt and excess oil from your skin. It exfoliates your dead skin, cleans skin pores and removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and skin impurities. Use regularly to revitalize your skin to a silky and smooth texture. 

How To Use 

Dampen your face. Take a small amount of scrub on your fingertips and rub gently on your skin in a circular motion to exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

Walnut Shell Powder, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Petitgrain oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Orange Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Patchouli oil, Vitamin E. 

Walnut & Apricot Face Scrub in short-Removes Impurities & tones the Skin 

Neem & Patchouli Face Wash-Protects and hydrates your skin 

Neem & Patchouli Face Wash is enhanced with neem extracts that are rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, this face wash protects hydrates and calms the skin. Neem is an antiseptic and protects the skin Patchouli essential oil is recognised to regenerate and renew the skin. Aloe Vera is an excellent skin moisturiser and soothes skin. Petitgrain and Orange essences are packed with antioxidants and vitamin- C promotes clarity, radiance and smoothness to the skin. Natural Vitamin E protects the skin from free radical damage. 

How To Use 

Wet face with water. Squeeze a dime-size amount of face wash onto your fingertips. Massage your face with this in gentle, small circles. Now, rinse and pat dry with a towel. 

Indian aloe and neem face mask 

Indian aloe and neem face mask is a unique blend of Aloe vera, Neem and natural oils. Aloe vera is renowned for its moisturizing properties and Neem for its antibacterial properties purifies the skin, prevents acne and rejuvenates the skin. The mask is also effective in removing skin tan and pigmentation. 

How To Use 

Cleanse the face. Apply face pack in a thick layer evenly over the face with fingertips. Avoid areas around the eyes and lips. Leave the pack for 15-20 minutes or until the pack is dry. Spray lukewarm water over the pack, loosen the pack with a warm sponge and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry with cotton. 
Additional tips for a pretty cleaner face  

  • Use a face wash in the early morning and at night before retiring to bed. This will reduce incidence of dirt remaining in your skin due to oiliness and sweat. Use cool fresh water to splash on your face while washing this face wash off. This will give you more energy and a refreshed mind also.  
  • Drink plenty of water, herbal thirst quenchers like Bipha dahaamruth contains pure herbal formula which internally cleanses your body channels too.  
  • Have only fresh fruits and veggies in your daily routine. Say no to stale refrigerated food, not even cold water sipping in more quantity!  
  • Have an optimistic positive open mindset to nature, you can achieve a healthy glowing skin. You can try repeating this sentence as an affirmation when you wake up in the morning and when you retire in the night before going to bed. See the results after a month, how much you will be confident and relaxed in your day-to-day tasks.  
  • You can also add natural beauty products in your cosmetic box. Pick an herbal kajal, lip balm always when you are going to be ready for grooming yourself for going out.  

Bipha ayurveda and beauty care  

Beauty that is natural is often considered to be real and long lasting. Ayurveda, the herbal world of medicine gives you that edge when it comes to herbal skin care. Fully herbal care of your skin and body gives you freshness and nourishment at the same time. You can never be disappointed with authentic Ayurvedic care and products when it comes to Bipha ayurveda. Cent percent natural organic products sustainably produced as per Ayurvedic principles using innovative technology, that is the hall mark of every product of Bipha ayurveda 


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