Easy Allergy Control Tips for the Monsoon

by Miriam Jojo on May 30, 2022

The monsoon season has arrived, and most sections of the nation are enjoying the regular showers, lush foliage, and relaxing atmosphere. For most of us, the monsoon season is a time of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, it also brings a slew of seasonal ailments, making us more vulnerable to Allergies, seasonal colds, flu, gastrointestinal issues, and joint pain. 

Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic medical system that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 3000 years ago, has various effective home cures and treatments for dandruff. Ayurvedic formulas are used to provide treatments for a variety of illnesses. It focuses on the causes of various ailments rather than the symptoms in order to facilitate long-term recovery from sickness. It improves our overall health by boosting our natural immunity. All three doshas are aggravated by the change in weather. As the weather turns cooler, the increasing Vata dosha causes painful illnesses and maladies to worsen. Rains also raise the acidity of meals and vegetables, which elevates the pitta dosha, which causes fevers, acidity, digestive issues, and inflammation. Ayurveda has Allergy Medicines for various Allergy causes. 

Natural Tips to Prevent Monsoon Allergies 

  • Use boiled water to drink.  
  • Keep proper Hygiene. 
  • Drink a lot of water. 
  • Do regular exercise. 
  • Keep airborne allergens away. 

The bulk of us grumble about the wetness in the walls on rainy days. As a result, it's critical to keep your walls dry, as wet walls can aggravate asthma symptoms. Furthermore, they may cause additional respiratory problems. If at all feasible, have damp-proofing work completed. Anti-moisture or anti-mould bleach might also be used to remove mould from the walls. Additionally, if you can afford it, a decent dehumidifier or air purifier to manage the environment within the house would be beneficial. 

Consuming excessive amounts of food during the rainy season is not suggested since the body takes a long time to digest the meal owing to the high humidity levels. Excessive food consumption can cause bloating, acidity, and indigestion. Consume foods with garlic, pepper, and coriander if you want to help your digestion. Once every couple of hours, have a modest meal. 

Fizzy beverages should not be consumed during the monsoon season because they deplete the mineral concentration of the body, resulting in reduced enzyme activity. This is very important in the digestive system. Even after the monsoons, it's advisable to avoid fizzy drinks since they raise cholesterol and blood pressure. 

 It is essential to follow the following guidelines and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the monsoon season if you want to be happy and healthy. Getting a yearly health exam is a fantastic method to discover any concerns and address them before they become too serious. Get your preventative health exam at Neuberg Diagnostics now.  

Natural Effects of Turmeric  

If you've been struggling with these issues for a long time, you're probably aware of your allergies and have tried practically everything in your power to solve the situation. Allergy therapy is mostly determined by the intensity of the symptoms, and each allergy has its own treatment. However, there is a magical item found in every Indian kitchen that can help you overcome your allergies. 

Multiple factors can cause allergies to develop. Certain meals, drugs, pollen, smoking, and other factors can cause it. When these substances enter an allergic person's body, they cause histamines to be released into the circulation, which can speed up mucus production. Wheezing, skin rashes, throat discomfort, and other allergy symptoms include 

Main Ayurvedic uses of Turmeric 

  • It is anti-inflammatory in nature. 
  • It's a pain reliever. 
  • Improving the liver's performance. 
  • Cancer risk might perhaps be reduced. 
  • Digestion is improved. 

Turmeric is also available as powdered capsules, fluids, extracts, and tinctures as a supplement. Bromelain, a protein extract produced from pineapples, boosts turmeric absorption and benefits, hence it's frequently used in these goods. Turmeric Benefits also include good digestion and effective liver function.  

Knowing the benefits of Manjishta  

Manjista may be found all throughout the country. The root of the plant is long and cylindrical, with red bark. It has little white or greenish blooms, and globose dark purple or black fruits. The base of the stem is lengthy, woody, and rough. Rubia cordifolia has been used for medical purposes for centuries. 

Key Uses of Manjishta 

  • Manjishta purifies the blood. 
  • Manjishta promotes damage healing. 
  • Calcium shortage is treated by Manjishta. 
  •  Manjishta has skincare benefits. 
  • Manjishta relieves menstruation pain. 
  • Manjishta cleanses the body. 

The major purpose of the manjistha plant is to purify the blood. Purified blood is required for healthy skin and hair. Manjistha is a powerful blood cleanser. It purifies the blood and eliminates all poisons. Manjistha Benefits efficiently treats the symptoms of skin problems. It also strengthens the immune system in Monsoon Allergies.  

Calcium is necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth. Manjistha decoction can be used to treat rickets and calcium insufficiency. 

Manjistha is an excellent herb for those who consume a toxic diet, have toxic emotions, or are in the process of detoxing their bodies. 

Leg ulcers are a common complication for diabetics. This is a debilitating ailment that has to be addressed as soon as symptoms develop. Manjistha is capable of curing diabetic ulcers. Capsules or a decoction can be used to ingest it. 

Bipha Ayurveda 

Bipha Ayurveda offers Allergy Control Tablet is one among the best Allergy medicine that gives Symptomatic relief from upper respiratory allergies such as runny nose, itchy & watery eyes, itchy throat and nose, sneezing, and skin allergies is provided by this non-drowsy and non-addictive herbal mix. Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory properties. The bioavailability of other components in the formulation is improved by black pepper. Abies Webbiana, commonly known as Thalisapatra, is an Ayurvedic plant used to treat bronchospasms and bronchodilation. Neem is well-known for its antibacterial properties. 

Ojus Tablet Skin Care Supplement, this beauty elixir, which contains Ayurvedic herbs such as Manjista, Neem, Triphala, Turmeric, and Guduchi, cleanses the blood and promotes perfect, healthy skin. Ayurveda recommends Rubia Cordifolia, often known as Indian madder or manjista, as a blood purifier and detoxifier. Triphala, also known as Three Myrobalans, protects skin cells with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Triphala aids in the repair of skin proteins and enhances skin hydration. Neem protects the skin from illnesses because to its powerful antimicrobial qualities. Curcuma longa is an antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory herb that promotes overall health. Tinospora, often known as guduchi, is an immune-boosting plant.  


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