Dasamoolarishtam - the medicine which every household must have!

by Miriam Jojo on December 06, 2021

Let's see the story of a Ayurvedic pioneer who contributed a treatise for the humanity, Acharya Sharangdhara . As soon as he studied all the basic texts of the ancient wisdom Ayurveda, he felt an immediate need for introducing practical information about examining the body like pulse reading and medicine preparation.

He conveyed to the world how to make herbal decoctions and such basics of Ayurvedic medicine preparation and one among his important contributions also included a medicine, an ambrosia for the ailing humanity and that was none other than the Dasamoolarishtam.

Dasamoolarishtam , the fermented medicine with essence of ten herbal roots aka Dasamoola is an energy tonic and digestion aid. When you feel some bloating abdomen after a heavy dinner, you prefer drinking dasamoolaristam 20 ml. This is a routine in many of the ancient households in Kerala and is a good practise that should spread across the world.

When your digestion system works perfect, you will have energy and the zeal to progress in life. As simple as that. You also need to have good digestive power, the fire to move on in life.

You need some supporting friends in life to sustain ad sail through life peacefully, right? Here in Ayurvedic medicines also, supporting herbs like nutmeg, costus , country mallow, wild Himalayan cherry help the Dasamoola combo to act in fully confident manner in your body and restore wellness in your body.

Think of a situation when you tasted an aristam and that bitter sweet taste with a bit of alcoholic essence made you feel energised again instantly!

Dasamoolaristam benefits (uses)

It will correct your body pain, improves your voice and reduces cough, cold, fever like conditions aiding good hunger and digestion in the due process. It will reduce gas trouble, you can add jeerakaristam along with Dasamoolarishtam for added benefits. Remembering how your friend said to take that combo of dasamoolarishtam and jeerakaristam after delivery?

It can soothe your voice, reduce your menstrual cramps and make you energetic instantly like sipping glucose, so why not adopt the dasamoolaristam in your routine?

Can aristam be consumed when you have acidity?

If you are of heat energy predominant nature, Pitta prakriti, you may have sour belching and acidity often. For you, aristam diluted with water will be good in lower doses like 10 ml. If you are having less appetite and gas often, take this as a modified unique advice. All done with that doubt, right?

All others, your friends and neighbours can take dasamoolaristam with full confidence if its suitable to their body type and condition of the body. So, be assured.

Can dasamoolaristam be consumed daily?

Dasamoolaristam can be taken as a digestive tonic for daily use. Ayurveda always has emphasized the importance of the prevention of disease and is giving the prime position to medicines like dasamoolaristam.

 Bipha  Ayurveda has formulated Dasamoolaristam in user-friendly bottles and has always promoted goodness and positivity. When effective medicine is introduced into society, it is sure to instil positivity in every person it reaches, the vision of Bipha is clear, to foster nutrition and wellbeing of the community.

 Be the changing citizen by bringing out the positivity in you, adopt Ayurveda.


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