Asokaristam – ladies choice forever !

by Miriam Jojo on December 03, 2021

The Indian emperor Asoka was conferred that name owing to his nature of eradicating Soka , sorrow. One such Ayurvedic herb like this is the Saraca asoka commonly known as Asoka in the classic texts.

 When it comes to care of women , the world itself advocates ladies first policy. Ayurveda has its gynaecology branch called Prasuti tantra and effective medicines like Asokaristam are part and parcel of this .

The flower of Asoka is reddish orange and is of medicinal use. The bark of Asoka also has such a wonderful medicinal property which makes it a favourite in  making Ayurvedic medicines related to female wellness.

How Arista as a form of medicine helps to correct periods ?

Arista is a fermented medicine which increases heat energy in the body and increases hunger , digestion and corrects the body metabolism naturally. Asokaristam is an arishtam specially made for uterine wellness.

Asokaristam – gist of ingredients

Asokaristam is containing herbs of the famous Triphala combo viz Chebulic and Belleric myrobalans , Amla and is also fortified with nut grass , wood flower extracts. An Ayurvedic medicine will have a long list of micro ingredients also which act like binding herbs for better action.

Do you know ?

Asokaristam contains Chandana , the sandalwood which provides this medicine a cooling effect suitable for normalising uterine abnormalities and bleeding.

Asokaristam benefits

You can find a variety of titles on the internet like  Asokaristam for PCOS , menstrual cycle problems and excessive bleeding etc. This is true as this medicine has nut grass and sandal wood which are good to stop the bleeding. The fact to know is that you should start taking  Asokaristam during your painful bleeding periods or even weeks before that for better results.

Asokaristam for bleeding – an experience

Let’s have a look at what Isabella has to say about her experience. She had contraceptive loop in her uterus installed after her delivery and had bleeding troubles after that. Her general physician advised to search some ways to manage this naturally. After some days , she got an Ayurvedic advise and landed up being an ardent Asokaristam fan for her uterine wellness.

How to take Asokaristam ?

15 to 20 ml after food twice a day is the general dosage of your Asokaristam. Nevertheless , feel free to pursue your healthy diet , lifestyle with exercise also along with this.

Asokaristam for blood

You can take  Asokaristam for blood purification , improving blood circulation and correcting your menstrual cycles.

Bipha Ayurveda with more than nine decades expertise in Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing has a well known range of gynec supplements like  Asokaristam.

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