Alaka Series - Personalizing Natural Hair Care for You

Alaka Series - Personalizing Natural Hair Care for You

Hair care techniques have been part of beauty and wellness rituals since time immemorial. Ancient civilizations have engaged in unique beauty routines involving hair care, and people still follow some of them religiously.

A personalized hair care routine is a vital part of natural hair care remedies and helps strengthen your mane. This post briefly explores the products under the Alaka series - customized, natural Ayurveda solutions for your exclusive hair goals.

The Need for Personalized Hair Care

Personalized hair care is the need of every individual. This owes to the fact that different people have different hair types, hair troubles and hair care ambitions. Without finding a unique and exclusive hair care technique that matches your plan, you are lost.

That being said, if you find one that matches your hair needs, then it is nearly impossible for you to stray away from it. You can do extensive research using online and offline resources to know more about the hair care routine that matches your type.

Personalized hair care ideally should include solutions like oil, shampoo, hair mask/pack and conditioner. There’s also potential for hair care solutions in the form of herbal supplements or other Ayurvedic products. The best natural hair care products focus on personalized hair care techniques and include organic solutions.

Bipha Alaka Series - A Promise Bigger than Many Offers

When it comes to hair masks and hair care in general, many offers and attractive products are available in the market. And it is hard to top a market of natural hair care products where numerous players are strategically positioned and are growing in value.

This is where Bipha Alaka Series takes charge with the promise of an absolute hair care solution like no other. The Alaka Series of hair masks is a collection of four essential natural solutions:

Alaka Nila

Nila solution is a pure Ayurvedic formulation for your hair care and includes the mighty natural ingredient, Neela Amari (Indigo). Indigo, in its powder form, is the best natural hair colourant available.

Indigo is a 100% natural ingredient and is completely free of chemicals. This solution is perfect for deepening the black colour of your hair and helps you in maintaining a lovely sheen.

The great Indigo component in the Nila pack is noted down in Ayurveda scriptures for a long time, including ancient Ayurveda texts. You can also combine Nila with other products to receive luscious, beautiful hair.

Alaka Mendhika

The Mendhika series from Alaka is a premium solution in the Ayurveda niche and imparts value and wings to your hair care goals. The herbal hair colour ingredient in this solution is organic henna.

Mendhika is organically grown in Kerala and plucked from the source using hand mode. The hair colouring and hair conditioning ingredient is the optimum formulation for your hair to receive different hues of red, brown, auburn and burgundy.

You can combine Alaka Mendhika with Alaka Nila and form a single solution to arrive at the best natural colour that suits your hair.

Alaka Pratika

Then there is Alaka Pratika, a herbal solution including the greatness of Hibiscus. The flower extract is perfect for aiding in your hair growth goals. The scalp exfoliating and hair conditioning formulation in the compound is perfect for strengthening your scalp and nourishing hair growth.

Pratika is even capable of improving your hair regrowth ambitions. You can extract Hibiscus in any form to achieve the scalp and hair care you have always wanted. Using Alaka Pratika consistently will help fight dandruff which indirectly contributes to your hair care.

An awesome substitute for shampoos, Alaka Pratika is a splendid solution for your scalp cleansing goals and can be used by people of all ages. It is popularly known as Thaalipodi and is best used as an after-wash component while using classical Ayurveda oils like Neelibhringadi Thailam, Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam, Keshavardhini Thailam, etc.

Alaka Sukeshini

Finally, we have Alaka Sukeshini - the complete Ayurveda hair mask/pack to ensure the best of herbal botanicals like Hibiscus, Amla, Brahmi, Neem and Bhringraj. It helps improve the softness and shine of your hair and increases the overall hair volume to offer bouncy hair.

Sukeshini is the perfect herbal blend to empower your hair with softness and shine. It is a feasible option for repairing and replenishing your hair. Another main benefit of Alaka Sukeshini is that it helps your hair from upcoming issues and problems related to scalp and hair damage.

Wrapping Up (Literally & Figuratively)

Alaka Series is an incredible solution from Bipha that promotes exclusive benefits that no other hair mask offers. There is no hair pack collection assisting the customer’s hair care goals and natural hair care routine as much as Alaka Series. Get your hands on this gift pack and wrap your hair in style.


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