6 Skin Care Misconceptions Debunked

6 Skin Care Misconceptions Debunked

Are you confident that your skin care regimen does not include any wrong practices? Do you earnestly believe all the internet resources and the old wives’ tales about your beauty rituals? It’s time to set the record straight. 

Not all products are free of chemicals like the advertisement says (Not talking about us;)). There is no guarantee that every professional skincare advice benefits you. 

This article debunks some of the most common skincare misconceptions.

Skin Care Misconceptions & Truths About Them

1. Misconception - Sunscreen is only for summertime.

This is the centre of skincare myths and misconceptions. Many of you don’t just believe but advise your dear ones also to avoid sunscreen if it’s not summer. This is a big mistake.

Truth - UV rays are not on vacation during winter.

The risk of getting exposed to the sun during winter is real. You can still get sunburn without adequate precautions. Use sunscreen before going out in all seasons for your good.

2. Misconception - Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer.

This is a misconception that even seasoned beauty influencers and professionals make by confusing the use of a moisturizer with dry skin only. But remember that skin type does not determine the use of moisturizer.

Truth - Moisturizer is for tackling skin irritants and impurities.

All skin types are prone to impurities and their attack. Use a moisturizer regularly whether you have oily, normal or dry skin. We recommend using the skin care cream from Bipha Ayurveda Ojaswini Marayoor Sandalwood Cream, for moisturizing and brightening your skin.

3. Misconception - Not washing your face frequently can cause acne.

If only we could prevent acne by washing our faces (Sigh)! It is a popular myth in the world of skincare that avoiding frequent washing of the face is the main reason behind problems like acne, skin breakouts, etc.

Truth - The reasons are different from what you think.

No, we are not advising against washing your faces. Do it as part of personal hygiene, not acne removal or prevention. The main reasons behind acne are bacteria accumulation on the skin, inflammation and natural oil production on your skin. Clogging of pores arising from not washing the face can also cause acne. 

4. Misconception - All natural products offer the same quality.

If you think that using any natural product for a skin condition provides the same result, think again. Every natural skin care products are not the same in terms of quality, application or consumer benefits. 

Truth - Even homemade skin care remedies could have side effects.

It might feel like a bitter pill to swallow, but natural is not the keyword that promises quality and safety. Chemical-free is also not a guarantee as many products could include harmful preservatives. 

Even a homemade skincare routine is not completely safe. Buy from a trusted manufacturer like Bipha, and you won’t be disappointed with the results. You may consult a doctor as well to know about your personalized scenario.

5. Misconception - It’s okay to sleep with your makeup on.

Some of you believe that sleeping with makeup on will increase your beauty quotient. The fact couldn’t be farther from this. Leaving your makeup on the skin at night is a big compromise on your skincare rituals.

Truth - Makeup is good, sleep is great, but don’t mix them.

The problem is when you sleep with makeup on, it will mix with existing dirt, oil and impurities on your skin. These could build up on the skin at any time activity during the day. So do yourself a favour, and please don’t sleep with your makeup on.

6. Misconception - You don’t need proper skincare because you are too young or too old

The myth of age barriers! It is not just limited to skincare routines but every beauty ritual. Some of you think that it’s too early to start caring about your skin. Some in their old age think that their skin is beyond care or they don’t deserve it. 

Truth - Skincare is not connected to your age 

Don’t give up on skincare just thinking you are too young or too old. Your skin needs the best care and protection at all times. Giving up on healthy, beautiful skin should never become an option for you.

Parting Thought

Before delving deep into the topic of skincare misconceptions or the truth behind them, you should arrive at a skincare ritual that suits you the best. Once you arrive at the specific regime that matches your goals, you may think about all the aspects of implementation, including the facts and myths surrounding it.


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