5- ways to prevent hair fall in winter

by Miriam Jojo on February 02, 2022

Hair is a characteristic that everyone wants to look their best because it’s one of the most essential factors influencing one's physical appearance. Few things enhance one's beauty as much as a full head of thick, glossy hair, and men and women all over the world are always looking for the finest treatments to improve their hair's appearance and health. Blow-drying, straightening, and highlighting your hair on a frequent basis may cause damage to your hair, leaving it brittle, damaged, and unmanageable. Over style can result in split ends and dry hair, to name a few consequences. 

Ayurveda is considerably more than the well-known massages with which it is associated. It is a traditional Indian medical technique that aims to balance your mind, body, and spirit in order to preserve your health and wellness. Ayurvedic skin care treatments and drugs blend rich and strong herbs with tried-and-true ayurvedic formulae to produce remedies for a wide range of ailments. In order to promote long-term healing from illness, it focuses on the causes of various disorders rather than the symptoms. 

Five Natural Tips for prevent Hair fall 

  • Wash your hair with a light shampoo on a regular basis. 
  • Protein should be included to your diet. 
  • Brushing dry hair is not a good idea. 
  • Reduce your stress levels by exercising on a daily basis. 
  • Constant heating and drying should be avoided. 

Hair health is improved by eating lean meats, fish, soy, and other proteins, which helps to prevent hair loss. 

Those who have had hair loss for a long period could massage their scalp with essential oil for a few minutes. It maintains the activity of your hair follicles. Lavender may be added to almond or sesame oil.  

When hair is damp, it is at its most vulnerable. Brushing damp hair, on the other hand, increases the risk of hair loss. If you must comb damp hair, use a comb with very wide teeth. Avoid brushing your hair too often, since this can cause damage and lead to hair loss. Undo knots using your fingertips rather than a comb or brush.  

Physical Exercise is Important 

Every day, schedule time for physical activity. Walking, swimming, or biking for 30 minutes a day helps to regulate hormone levels while also lowering stress and hair loss. In the past, studies have identified medical evidence linking stress to hair loss. De-stress yourself by practising meditation, which is one approach to do it. Meditation and yoga are examples of alternative therapies that not only relieve stress but also help to restore hormonal equilibrium. 

Ayurveda is to thank! We have a solution to this hair-related mayhem. This Ayurvedic medication is founded on years of research and expertise that has been passed down through the generations. 

Neelibringhadi Thailam  

Neelibringhadi is an Ayurvedic herbal hair oil that promotes hair growth while also preventing hair loss. It enhances hair quality by treating split ends, premature greying, and balding, as well as smoothing the hair. It's recommended for treating baldness, hair loss, dandruff, and itching on the scalp. 

Neelibringhadi Thailam is one of the most well-known Ayurvedic remedies, renowned for its ultimate efficiency in hair care. This Ayurvedic recipe has survived the test of time, and generations of men and women have used it in various ways to maintain their hair healthy. Neelibringhadi Thailam is a strong blend of natural components produced according to Ayurvedic principles. It's well renowned for its ability to promote beautiful, healthy hair. Its one among the best Kerala Oil for Hair. 

Hair is one of the most noticeable features of one's appearance, and hair that is strong and healthy on the inside shines brightly on the exterior. While it is normal for everyone to want long, strong, and well-nourished hair, hair problems can have a negative impact on a person's look and self-confidence. Medication, lifestyle modifications, oils, treatments, and other options are available for most hair issues. It's a natural approach to maintain hair healthy to use herbal hair oil formulated with Ayurvedic elements. 

Uses of Neelibringhadi Thailam 

  • Premature greying, balding, split hairs, hair loss, and dandruff are all treated with this product. 
  • Stimulates hair growth and improves hair quality. 
  • Itching on the scalp is reduced, acne is prevented, and fungal infections are treated. 
  • Activates cell division in the hair roots, resulting in hair regeneration. 

Hair care Benefits of Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil hair products provide a slew of advantages for healthy tresses. Tea tree shampoo, conditioner, and treatments have therapeutic characteristics that clean and moisturise your hair and scalp. Tea tree products can help soothe and rejuvenate your scalp if you have an itchy, inflamed scalp. Tea tree oil's advantages aren't restricted to cleansing; leave-in style and care solutions keep you looking great all day. 

Due to its antibacterial characteristics, this fragrant essential oil, also known as melaleuca, has been utilised as a herbal cure throughout history. It's also antifungal and anti-inflammatory, which benefits your scalp by eliminating toxins and debris that can block hair follicles gently. 

Key Uses of Tea Tree Oil 

  • Dandruff is removed. 
  • It helps to get rid of itchiness. 
  • Encourages hair growth. 
  • Prevents hair thinning. 
  • Improves the flow of blood throughout the body. 

Bipha Ayurveda 

Bipha Ayurveda offers Neelibringhadi Thailam is a traditional Ayurvedic hair oil made with Neelini (Indigo), Bhringaraja, and other botanicals in pure coconut oil and nourishing milk to nourish the roots of the hair and calm the head. It serves solely as a hair elixir. 

Ayurvedic massage from Bipha Neelibhringadi keram promotes hair development and is helpful in preventing premature greying. By soothing it with the finest ayurvedic herbs, it improves hair condition and heals split ends and hair fall. Oiling hair with Bhringadi Thailam reduces dryness and protects it from external stresses such as dust, UV radiation, and pollution. It also aids in the health and nourishment of your hair. It is one of the Best Nourishing Hair Oil. 

Tea Tree Polyherb Shampoo from Bipha Ayurveda is a polyherb shampoo with tea tree nutrients massages your scalp to increase circulation, wash out impurities, and awaken dormant hair follicles, resulting in silky smooth hair. 


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