Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Black Sesame Seed Oil - 90 ml

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Black sesame oil is an edible oil extracted from the seeds of the Sesamum indicum plant. Seasame oil known as Tila Taila is Ayurveda is considered the best oil for Abhayanga ( Massage) . Because of the hot property of the oil, it penetrates the minutest channels, nourishing and detoxifying the deepest layers of the skin. The oils increase blood circulation. Sesame oil contains sesamol which is a powerful antioxidant constituent that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and small pores in the skin. Sesame oil is rich in vitamins E and B complex helps to fade scars and soothe rashes. Fatty acids present in sesame oil along with linoleic acid renders sesame oil an excellent moisturizer for the skin. It can be used as a carrier oil for infusing essential oil for a better spa experience

Manufactured By
Vaishali industries Pvt Ltd
Major industrial estate
Cochin 683 104 Kerala India
Mfg. Lic. No. 04/32/09

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