Aloe Vera-Pure Organic Aloe Vera Extract 60 Veg Capsule Skin & Hair Rejuvenative supplement

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Aloe vera, with its astringent, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties is a natural Estrogen hormone regulator that is beneficial in the treatment of menstrual irregularity. Helps to regulate menstrual cycles, stimulate ovulation and promote overall menstrual health.

  • 100 % Vegetarian, HPMC Vegetable capsule, Free from gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, added colours, added flavours. Non-GMO.
  • Excellent Ayurvedic uterine stimulant that is also effective in Amenorrhea as it stimulates menstrual flow.
  • Tones up uterine muscles & stimulate ovulation.
  • Effective in combating issues like bloating, PMS, menstrual cramps and is a uterine astringent.
  • Helps to boost fertility & regularize the menstrual cycle.

How To Use

Take Two capsules twice daily before food

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

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