Which Skin Cream Takes Care of Rashes and Bug Bites?

Which Skin Cream Takes Care of Rashes and Bug Bites?

We all face the issue of bug bites, rashes or itchy skin at some point in life. This occurs because of the everyday problems arising from exposure to various living environments. But sometimes, the problem stays beyond the usual period, making it a chronic condition that needs a cure. 

It is always better to take care of these problems from the very beginning to tackle them effectively. This post mentions the optimum herbal skin protection solutions in Ayurveda to deal with the same. 

The Problem of Rashes, Bug Bites and Itches  

According to Ayurveda, all types of skin disorders are caused due to an imbalance in any of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The primary factors that contribute to such imbalances are lifestyle problems and dietary issues.   

Rashes mainly occur because of Pitta dosha aggravation which happens quickly and is very intense. Itching (Kandu) in Ayurveda either occurs as a direct symptom or as part of a complication arising from a systemic disease.   

Bug bites could be explained in multiple ways from an Ayurvedic perspective. It could be Visha (insect bite) problems, Shatpadidansha (centipede bite), Upavisha issues, etc. All the above problems can be dealt with with the help of remedies like natural skin care at home.  

Herbal Skin Solutions for Treating Rashes  

The top Ayurvedic skincare remedies for treating rashes, bug bites and itchy skin are as follows:  

Herbal Creams and Moisturizers  

For skincare considerations, herbal creams and moisturizers are the way to go. It takes dedicated effort to find one solution from a list of numerous existing market remedies that take care of your skin needs.  

Tejaswini Margosa Butter - An Ayurvedic Healing Technique for Rashes  

We have to mention the proven herbal formulation of Tejaswini Margosa Butter specifically in this article. This skin protection cream from Bipha Ayurveda is rich in antioxidants.   

The formulation possesses skin healing and soothing properties that cleanse the skin. Tejaswini Margosa Butter works like magic in getting rid of skin disorders like rashes, irritations and itchy skin, bug bites and eczema.   

You can use other herbal creams, moisturizing solutions and matching skincare supplements to overcome the issue of skin irritations. Cold-pressed virgin oils are also effective in healing and soothing your skin.  

Kitchen Ingredients and Homecare Remedies  

Herbal homemade remedies exist that work effectively in treating skin disorders. Kitchen ingredients like apple cider vinegar, colloidal oatmeal and menthol are sufficient to promote preventive action against skin troubles.   

Other proven ingredients in the niche are sage leaf, evening primrose, german chamomile, aloe vera gel, fenugreek seeds, baking soda, oak bark and flax seeds.    

Avoiding Triggers  

It is better to avoid triggers that might either cause rashes and skin itchiness or works like a catalyst to aggravate the existing skin health conditions.   

Some known irritants in the category that you must avoid are hot water, changes in temperature and humidity, certain skin perfumes and cologne fragrances, unnecessary stress and wool or synthetic clothing.  

Medical Care for Systemic Diseases with Related Symptoms  

Certain systemic disorders possess itchy skin or rashes as part of their symptoms. This includes common healthcare conditions or specific skin troubles. Providing essential medical care for such issues with the help of doctors is a suitable method to tackle the problem.  

In A Nutshell 

Fighting rashes, bug bites, itchy skin, and similar problems is not very difficult to manage if you deal with the problems at an early stage. The application of herbal skin care products regularly will help provide preventive action. It’s better to seek the help of a professional healthcare expert if your rash or itchiness gets to the advanced stages.


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