Understanding Ayurvedic Care for Mothers & Babies

Understanding Ayurvedic Care for Mothers & Babies

Caring for a newborn baby is perhaps the most remarkable thing from a human perspective. You are still wondering about the magic of creation, and that motherly glow hasn’t left you yet. But it’s only fair that you are going through a period of seeking attention and care for yourself and the baby.

Fear not. Ayurveda offers the perfect remedies to overcome health and wellness concerns during the postnatal period. Read more on mother and baby care after delivery in the upcoming sections.

Detailing The Significance of Postpartum Care

The postpartum recovery period is usually denoted for the first one and a half months after childbirth. This may extend for a few more weeks, depending on the health condition of the baby and mother. The period of Ayurvedic postpartum care is a crucial one, as holistic healing and wellness quotient is provided to both the mother and baby.

The time right after delivery is an unpredictable one, and 24*7 care is required to fight potential health issues during this time. As for babies, it is about the optimum care and attention until the point where they can enjoy the new world and their living environments to the best.

Ask any healthcare professional, and you will find that postpartum care is the best thing that a newborn can receive throughout the foundational stages of life. It should be perfect to groom the baby and empower the mother to continue their journey with all the fine values of life.

Natural Tips to Ensure Mother & Baby Care

We will help you learn a few natural tips to get assistance in mother and baby care at home, according to Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda therapies and processes go a long way in promoting the newborn’s health. Some of the top popular ones are Abhyanga (baby massage), Snana (baby bath), Udwarthana (skincare remedy), and Vastra Dharanam (wearing clean and sterilized clothes).
  • The dietary recommendations and suggestions to ensure mother and baby care are another noteworthy point. Food items that you can include in your diet to get rid of the after-effects of labor are green vegetables, oranges, legumes, whole-wheat items, low-fat dairy products, brown rice and fiber-rich foods.
  • All the beneficial effects of breastfeeding must happen between mothers and babies.
  • Hygiene, sanitation and continuous monitoring are needed to deliver the best after-delivery care experience for everyone involved. This should be a wholehearted effort.

  • Nutrition regimens should be divided into three segments in postpartum care - during pregnancy stages, during childbirth and after childbirth.
  • A baby’s natural living conditions and environment should be kept in the ideal format. For this, everyone’s lifestyle surrounding the newborn should change for the better.

    Ayurveda Remedies for Mother & Baby Care

Listed below are a few of the Ayurvedic formulations and solutions to engage in essential mother and baby care plan and practices.

Nalpamaradi Thailam

Chances are high that you will find Nalpamaradi Thailam topping the charts when searching for herbal baby oils. Bipha Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam is a traditional and natural product with a collection of fifteen different ingredients. It is most popular as a massage oil for babies and assists in promoting delicate skincare. It is an excellent solution for Pitta dosha imbalances.

Nalpamaradi Herbal Bar

Among natural soaps, Nalpamaradi Herbal Bar occupies a special place due to its preventive and therapeutic effects on fungal infections. The ideal blend of Nalpamaradi and Coconut oils in this formulation ensures soft skin for your baby. The best advantage of this product is it plays a vital role in bath and body care solutions. The lather, foam, and healing effects of this natural bar are completely safe and sync with the baby’s skin tone.

Dashapushpam Thailam

Bipha Ayurveda’s Dashapushpam Thailam is a traditional remedy to get rid of baby skin problems. It is specially created for healing and serving the sensitive skin of babies. Ayurvedic ingredients in Dashapushpam Thailam include Jhulapushpa, Lakshmana, Sakralata, Sahadevi, Vishnukranta, Sasasruti, Musali, Bhringaraja, Durva, Bhadra, and Coconut oil. 

Wrapping Up

The biggest advantage of herbal care remedies for dealing with mother and baby care products is their promise of zero side effects. When it comes to baby care, the most important factor is safety, even above quality and availability. And Ayurveda can guarantee this to the maximum extent. Have a great time with motherhood!

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