Skincare benefits of Face pack and Face mask

by Miriam Jojo on August 17, 2021

The face packs and face masks are not the same. These two creams are applied the same way and with similar benefits with the outcome. There is a difference in the way they deliver the result. Ayurvedic face packs and face masks are more natural and with no side effects. Ayurvedic treatment and medicines use precious and powerful herbs with the help of trusted ayurvedic formulations to create medicines for various health problems. It is rather focused on the causes than the symptoms of various diseases to give long-term relief to the illness. It uplifts health and improves the natural immunity that already exists in our bodies.


Some general tips for skincare

  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Treat your skin gently and smoothly
  • Wash your face with clean water
  • Drink good amount of water
  • Less exposure to dust and dirt
  • Stop smoking
  • Keep eating healthy food 

The face pack is much thicker and denser. Whereas, Face masks are lighter to the face and lie gently to the skin in the face. Face pack should take a while to get a hold of the skin and need to get absorbed by skin cells. Both ones have their own ways to protect, nourish the skin. The face mask is spread all around the face skin and it will become a mask-like structure. The mask is then removed after some time when the skin is rejuvenated and refreshed. The face pack is washed off or rubbed out to cleanse the face from dust and dirt.

Packs can be seen as one which is curing the face problems and face mask can be as renewing and makes it fresh. More acute problems like acne, wrinkles, aging will be treated with a face pack. The face mask will reduce the frequency of face skin issues and maintains it perfectly.

Organic Ingredients that protect the skin

  • Pure red sandalwood powder, one of Ayurveda’s most powerful botanicals for fighting blemishes, acts as a purifying mask and leaves you with clearer, exquisite skin.
  • Pure and natural forest turmeric is a potent, fast-absorbing botanical that tones the complexion, reduces pigmentation, dark spots and unwanted facial hair.
  • A blend of Aloe vera, Neem, and natural oils. Aloe vera is renowned for its moisturizing properties and Neem for its antibacterial properties purify skin, prevent acne, and rejuvenates the skin. The mask is also effective in removing skin tan and pigmentation.
  • A spell-working blend of the Ayurveda herbs, Lodhra, Dhanyaka, and Vacha, firms up and defines skin contours for a youthful appearance.
  • The active ingredients in this mask unclog pores, boost collagen, lighten blemishes and remove impurities to improve skin clarity.
  • An optimum blend of Ayurveda botanical extracts like vetiver and wild turmeric that are natural skin conditioners, and essential oils–creates an intense skin and beauty regimen without over-stripping natural oils. This super-hydrating mask regenerates collagen and fights free radical damage to keep the skin refreshed, radiant and supple.
  • Indian madder or Manjistha, as it is known in India, is an herb that gets its name from the bright red-colored roots that have the power to activate circulation, detoxify skin and clear the complexion. The ancient herb also works wonders when it comes to removing scars and skin allergies.
  • Purvika, blends two ancient recipes from Ayurveda—Nalpamaradi Choornam and Eladi Choornam—with Fuller’s Earth, to bring you one of the best skin foods that Kerala has to offer. The nourishing ingredients penetrate the skin to detoxify, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and restore the skin to youthful suppleness and radiance; creating a vital step in your beauty routine. Internal health and external slowness will raise your confidence and eventually elevate your natural beauty.



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