Saffron, the spice worth millions and an Ayurvedic elixir!

by Miriam Jojo on December 07, 2021

What will you call a spice which is an international superstar in beauty and food industry since ancient era?

Saffron, the elegant colour, flavour, and taste-giving spice has been in use in ancient Indian and Egyptian cultures for ages.

What does saffron taste like?

It’s having a sweet, floral earthy taste which improves the taste of any dish it is added and also gives a golden hue. You have heard of tasty saffron milk as a health drink, right?

Kesar milk aka saffron milk

Saffron milk can be prepared by boiling the milk by adding sugar. To this, 3 or 4 saffron strands are added and slightly boiled.

You can also add cardamom powder to this for adding elaichi flavour to your drink. This drink is good to go for pregnant ladies and toddlers also.

What makes saffron too much expensive?

As saffron, the thread like stigma is obtained from Crocus sativus flower, it is scarce and we need at least 75,000 flowers to make a pound of weight. It needs to be manually harvested by the labourers also.

Saffron –benefits

Saffron is a powerful antioxidant and is capable of skin brightening.

 Kunkumadi oil prepared from pure Kashmiri saffron is made a beauty serum with presence of sandalwood, Indian madder and sesame oil in plenty. This oil is referred to as one of the expensive and effective Ayurvedic beauty product ever known.

Saffron as spice promotes digestion and helps heart and other vital organs to function well.

When the original version is too much costly, obviously fake ones will be present in the markets.

How to differentiate pure saffron?

Pure Kashmiri saffron is slightly bitter in taste, it makes the water yellow when added to water and it just floats in water.

What is special in Kashmiri saffron?

Kashmiri saffron is a renowned medicine for its cosmetic and dietary values. It is good to induce weight loss, acts as an antidepressant and acts as flavour fortifying when garnished to food.

Kunkumadi oil benefits

Try this night regimen and know for yourself the benefits of Kumkumadi .

  • Take fresh Vetiver water as toner to wash your face, apply 2 drops of Kumkumadi on tip of your fingers slowly massage them on the face with a circular motion under the eyes.
  • Give time to the oil to act on your face, hear some soothing music. Take rest and sleep well.
  • If you don’t have oily skin, you can keep the oil on face and wash it off the next day with green gram powder or chick pea flour.
  • You can wash the face with Triphala water also.

Is Kunkumadi oil useful if you have dry skin?

Yes, Kumkumadi works best in dry skin type. As the oil has deep nourishing properties, it will reduce the dryness in the skin making it soft and supple.

Kumkumadi oil can also be used as nasal drops when you are having deep-seated dark circles and black pigmentation.

Bipha Ayurveda with its innovative approach towards ancient Ayurveda has revived many Ayurvedic medicines like Kumkumadi and Nalpamaradi oils.

Nourish you skin and senses through Ayurveda naturally.


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