Relish The Goodness of Ayurvedic Scalp Care using Herbal Solutions

Relish The Goodness of Ayurvedic Scalp Care using Herbal Solutions

It’s pointless to focus on hair solutions alone without focusing on essential scalp care techniques. The best remedial method to ensure the impactful application of scalp care is Ayurveda.   

This post introduces to you some of the proven herbal solutions to maintain your scalp wellness with effective ease. Hop in to know more about the importance of the solution. 

Ayurveda Scalp Care - An Overview  

Simple Ayurveda theory states that the scalp is the combination point of several ‘Marmas’. These are points on your body where energy release happens, aiding in general relief. If doshas are accumulated in your head excessively through these marmas, it could cause harm to your scalp health.  

The optimum way to tackle this is to engage in scalp rejuvenation and massage techniques. You need dosha-specific herbal solutions and dry scalp care formulations to deal with the same. Ideally, employed solutions in this niche are essential oils and massage or wellness oils. The trick here is to understand the need for Vata pacification, Pitta pacification, Kapha pacification or tri dosha pacification on your scalp.  

Herbal Remedies for Scalp Care  

Ayurveda offers an excellent scalp care routine and remedies to deal with the issues that you are addressing regularly. Listed below are the top solutions:  

Herbal Medicinal Supplements  

The most relevant strategies to ensure your scalp strength at its maximum potential are the suitable usage of herbal medicinal supplements. The primary component in this category includes Thailams (oils) - essential oils, wellness oils, massage oils, etc.   

Some of the formulations in this category cover the beauty segment along with scalp health and wellness. An example is Bipha Ayurveda’s esteemed Keshavardhini Thailam. It is a great product for hair and scalp nourishment.   

Keshavardhini oil is referenced in the classical Ayurvedic text called Sahasrayogam and involves a blend of natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla, Jyotishmati and Bhumyamlaki, Ranjini, Medhika, Jatamansi, Sariba, Mustha, Yeshtimadhu, Shankapushpi, Haritaki and Nimba. 

Home Remedies  

Homecare remedies for scalp protection include a whole host of opportunities for different herbal processes to be applied. These include the application of a coconut oil mask, mindful use of kitchen ingredients specific to your hair type, and applying essential oils (almond, jojoba, corn, castor, coconut oils) directly with warmth.   

You may prepare and apply specific solutions, including beer, gelatin, etc., as part of your scalp care tips at home. Natural mixtures can be prepared based on egg mayonnaise, yoghurt, avocado and banana. 

Scalp and Hair Protection Techniques  

Whether you know it or not, dietary recommendations can help improve your hair and scalp health. These include fatty fish, tomatoes, walnuts, broccoli, blueberries, oysters, and kidney beans.  

Consumption of Omega 3 supplements, Vitamins A, C and H are all appropriate for supporting your scalp wellness. You may use exclusive scalp care products like conditioners, masks and scrubs. Preventive measures are also helpful if you can keep dandruff, careless head washes and scalp allergies at bay. 

Parting Thought  

Natural remedies for scalp care are an engaging topic for the ones who truly understand the relevance of the subject. However, the significant factor here is arriving at a solution that best suits your scalp health needs and sticking to the same. All the best to your scalp care goals!

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