Pleasant, delicate, fragrances in an organic way

by Dr Parvathy on April 02, 2024

This story starts about 1000 years ago. In Egypt, people used plants, gums and resins for various religious practices. Later, fragrances came to other streams of personal care like creams, scents etc. Room fresheners or giving a pleasant fragrance at home or workplace become a very common practice. Nowadays, to feel good, people are using perfumes as their part of life. 

                                                       If we define what a perfume is, then we can say that these are substances that emit and diffuse a pleasant and fragrant Oduor. Until the 19th century, perfumes were made from natural aromatic oils. Afterwards synthetic perfumes replaced the natural ones. 

                                                  The word PEFUMES is derived from the root words per(thorough) and fumus (smoke). At first, the fragrances were carried as the natural ingredients like barks, leaves, seeds and flowers in pouches. Egyptian and Mesopotamian fossils carry such evidence. Later this tradition got followed by Persians and Romans. 

                                                   According to an Archeological survey, a distillation apparatus made from terracotta was found and it is assumed that we have extracted essential oils. Moreover, in Ayurvedic classics, there are references to different natural fragrances. 

                                                   Today, perfumes are available in different forms, like deodorants, Eau -de toilette, Eau –de- perfume etc. Plant ingredients (extracts of flowers, leaves, roots and citrus fruits) and animal ingredients (extracted from musk, whale or beaver) are used in this modern era for making perfumes and fragrances. Artificial fragrances and combined fragrances are also found to exist in the market nowadays. 

Unique fragrances from Bipha 


GHAZAL E OUDH-Ghazal E Oudh, regarded as the black gold of Assam Forest, which comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree is believed to have originated in Assam in India and later spread to Southeast Asia. Today, it is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world and is hence known as Liquid Gold or Black Gold of the Forest.  

MALLIKA-If you are looking for a mild floral smell, then Parijata Mallika will be the best option. Mallika is distilled from fresh-plucked jasmine from the endless flower fields of the Arabian Jasmine in Dindigul. 

GULABI-Damask rose fragrance from Kannauj is here. The town of Kannauj on the banks of the Ganga in central Uttar Pradesh, just north of Lucknow, is the perfume capital of India. The flowers of Damask roses hand-picked before sunrise from flower fields in and around Kannauj, travel to the distillery to be used the same day. 

CHANDANA-If you are a fan of our sandalwood fragrance, then we have Parijata Chandana. The pristine, sandalwood forest of Marayoor in the Western Ghats of Kerala is home to this luxurious fragrance. Marayoor is the only natural sandalwood forest in Kerala and sandalwood from this area is as exceptional as the deep, dense forests. 


INDRA- A sensual and sophisticated oriental bouquet of Madagascar Ylang ylang, Madurai jasmine and petal rose harmonized with warm and energizing Marayur sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli and clove. This delicious accord is refreshed with sparkling Italian bergamot and Ukrainian coriander. 

SUVA- A bold blend, Suva captures the sensual brilliance of the earth and surrounds you with an air of confidence and charm. A floral fragrance built around Iris, Madurai Jasmine and Madagascar Ylang ylang paired with clove, musk and amber; warmed by Marayur Sandalwood and earthy Vetiver from Pondicherry.  The smoky vetiver and musk envelop a heart of aldehydes, jasmine, and ylang ylang which layers iris, galbanum, bergamot, lemon, and hyacinth, making you smell unabashedly handsome all-day long. 


CHARU- Simmering with sensuality, Charu is an exquisitely enchanting fragrance that wraps you in femininity and alluring mystery. Creates the perfect kind of indulgence for treasured moments. 

MITHRA- Radiate sophistication and luxury from sunrise to sundown! A great choice for the woman who loves to spritz herself with funky florals, this retro-chic fragrance is a cocktail of fresh green and rich white florals of muguet, Madurai jasmine, Madagascar ylang-ylang and lily.  


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