Neeli- the ancient plant with a vast array of benefits!

Neeli- the ancient plant with a vast array of benefits!

Neeli may be unknown to you; but indigo plant is known of course!

Neeli – Indigofera tinctoria is an Indian dye yielding plant for people who closely observe Indian history.

  • Neeli is a famous Ayurvedic medicinal plant which cures even poisonous bites of animals like dog.
  • Neeli is the main ingredient in Neeli mooladi kasaya in Ayurvedic toxicology (treatment of poison).

You won’t be surprised to know that this plant can help to get rid of poisons in your hair follicles also. Do you know, you are being exposed to how many chemicals daily? Even the air you inhale is getting poisonous, isn’t it?

Any idea about Neelibhringadi oil?

Yes, the oil that has been a common name in the households of God’s own country Kerala. Neelibhringadi oil is an assembling of all the hair care ingredients; Amla, Bhringaraj and a variety of milks like coconut milk, goat’s milk, cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk in the most beautiful process of making an oil.

All these ingredients make us remember the pure nourishing soothing quality of white milk. How can such a wonderful medicinal combination go in vain? It became one of the most used oils in the Ayurvedic catalogues of all time!

This statement is supported by the fact that in the Ayurvedic cosmetic field, Neelibhringadi stands tall among other hair oils always.

What Neelibhringadi gifts you?

Neelibhringadi helps restore the black colour and prevents further premature greying of hair if used regularly.

You can do one thing. Take little oil drops slightly made warm after placing the oil containing bowl under hot water for 5 minutes.

Focus on your hair follicles, give them a slight stroke with hair brush and later your hands. Take each of your pretty hair strands and take the oil and apply on the tresses happily. Make this a routine, keep your hair healthy and manageable with ease forever. 

Bipha Ayurveda with more than 9 decades of Ayurvedic legacy has come up with products not only in hair care, but also comprising whole range of beauty and wellness care.

We care for your hair.  Have a swift flowing healthy hair, like your thoughts to create a better world together.

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