Migraine relief through ayurveda

by Miriam Jojo on September 17, 2021

Head ache can cause you feel tired and in a confusion if it lasts for more days. Do you have dizziness or tendency to vomit also along with this? Are you under stress in your life? Want instant Migraine relief? 

Migraine can be the reason behind your trouble. Ayurveda offers effective medicines and helps to prevent Migraine. You should know the reason behind this, it can be genetic, hereditary and even staring at your mobile screen for a long time. Ever experienced head ache only in one side of head and later getting relief after taking some rest and water?  

How to manage your Migraine? 

Taking rest and practicing diet and lifestyle which can reduce the increased heat in the body are beneficial in curing Migraine.  Fresh fruits and vegetables with more water content keeps your body hydrated and nourished. Make them a part of your daily diet.  

Migraine gets worsened when you are not having the food properly especially, when you are skipping the breakfast. You may also experience blurred vision or seeing colorful auras, yawning and vomiting sensation. Sometimes, after vomiting the pain gets reduced.  

What are the triggering factors of Migraine?  

  • Weather changes like extreme hot or cold conditions, humidity, strong wind is likely to trigger migraine.  
  • When you are exposed to strong fragrant perfumes also, chances are there that you get stressed and get headache.  
  • Flickering, flashing bright light and exposure to loud noises for a long time also give rise to migraine.  
  • When sleep becomes too less or excessive, hot, spicy food is also consumed more on a daily basis, your chances of getting migraine increases. 
  •  If you have a family history of having migraine or conditions like sinusitis, neck and pain diseases, sleep disorders and vitamin deficiency you are more prone to Migraine; you can prevent this by simply adding amazing Ayurvedic herbs and diet, lifestyle changes along with this.   

What to take in Migraine? 

  • Be stress-free in your life by adding these fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. 
  •  Carrot, radish, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber and fennel are great to include in your salad recipe.  
  • Fresh fruits like apple, fig, guava, mango, passionfruit, pear and papaya are also a good choice for adding in your fruit salad recipe. 
  •  Chicken and Mutton can be consumed in less quantities.  
  • Dairy products like milk and butter are also fine for your daily use.   

What not to take in Migraine? 

  • Try to reduce chocolate, red wine, hot, spicy food and tea, coffee in your diet.  
  • Remember the frozen ice cream in your refrigerator also can cause your head to ache.  
  • It is better to cut short your diet excluding potato, sweet potato, tomato, citrus fruits and mulberry as they are increasing the gas and heat content in the body.  
  • Fermented cheese, curd, vinegar also is not advisable for you. If you are able to avoid the triggers, then cheers, you are half way done.  

In the meanwhile, you can restore your body’s wellness through Ayurvedic daily herb capsules. Keep in your mind the point that suitable lifestyle changes are adding on more benefits to you if you are sure to adopt them.  

Next time when you feel stressed, deeply exhale and inhale for five times each. You can play a relaxing music also in your room while doing this. Focus on your breath. Feel the mindful existence and leave your thoughts to gather more positivity when you further progress in the session  

What is the Ayurvedic approach to Migraine? 

  • Migraine is considered to be due to increased heat energy i.e., Pitta in the body.  
  • The throbbing, pulsating nature occurs due to increased wind energy i.e., Vata. Normalizing these factors by proper diet, lifestyle and medicine is told in Ayurveda. 
  •  Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Haritaki,  Vibhitaki, Neem and Turmeric ensures prevention or even reducing the symptoms of Migraine. They are having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, laxative, blood purifying properties which helps to correct the dosha imbalances in the body.  

Migraine care natural supplement for Migraine relief is a powerful daily herb developed by Bipha Ayurveda which can be taken to prevent and reduce symptoms related to Migraine. 

 One capsule twice a day before food is highly beneficial if you take it on a regular basis. Knowing how to tackle the pain is the most important aspect in curing your Migraine. Staying away from the triggering factors and adopting soothing diet and lifestyle changes enhances your speedy recovery.   


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