Kasthuri Manjal: The Turmeric Variety You Must Know

by Miriam Jojo on October 28, 2022

Kasthuri Manjal is one of the most popular single ingredients in Ayurveda history. This variety of Curcuma is special and promotes incredible health and skin benefits.

Read on to know more about this exclusive herbal component and its uses, with a special focus on the merits of Kasthuri Manjal for face care.

Meet Kasthuri Manjal aka Wild Turmeric

Kasthuri Manjal or Wild Turmeric is the best type of turmeric found in nature, promoting an unmatched aromatic fragrance. With an array of benefits to its users, this is one of the must-have herbs you should include in your daily wellness regime along with ingredients like Brahmi, Spirulina and Tulsi.

Botanically named Curcuma Aromatica, Kasthuri Manjal finds a unique position as a variety of turmeric that will not leave stain marks on your skin after application.  With its origin in the Indo-Malayan region, this herb with healing and medicinal properties is found widely in South Asia.

Kasthuri Manjal exists as a rhizome in its original form. The best Wild Turmeric is sourced from the biodiverse Western Ghats. The Kasthuri Manjal crops achieve maturity after 7-8 months.

The perennial, rhizomatous herb possesses a high curcumin content and is bright yellow. It finds extensive application in the beauty and wellness industry.

Kasthuri Manjal is widely accepted and highly praised in the Ayurveda segment on a global scale. No modern scientific literature on Ayurveda herbs and healing is complete without the obvious inclusion of Curcuma Aromatica.

Kasthuri Manjal is undergoing extinction troubles at the time of this writing. Serious efforts are happening under the guidance of experts to reinstate this species to its past glory. But the decrease in numbers does not have an impact on the quality yield of Kasthuri Manjal and its numerous benefits.

Applications of Kasthuri Manjal

Wild Turmeric finds application and impact in a wide variety of use cases, with the primary niche being skincare.

bipha ayurveda turmeric

  • Treats acne and pimples
  • Treats blemishes and scars
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Treats dark circles
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Lightens spots and scars
  • Prevents premature skin ageing
  • Removes unwanted facial hair

Identity Issues: The Yellow vs White Colour Controversy

If there is one topic of debate forming part of the Kasthuri Manjal updates, it is regarding the colour identity issues. Some reports claim that Kasthuri Manjal is white, while most know its colour as yellow. We are here to settle the debate once and for all.

Authentic Kasthuri Manjal is mild yellow and is extracted from natural sources to provide Mother Nature’s healing gifts for your skin and body. It is a wonder ingredient that can treat skin diseases.

Why Kasthuri Manjal is the Perfect Face Pack for You

Though Kasthuri Manjal promotes tons of benefits to consumers, the most known uses are in skin care. In this category, the primary value that the ingredient creates for you is in facial care.

Kasthuri Manjal is the best face pack your skincare beauty ritual can ever demand. Try to involve the goodness of Wild Turmeric in your face care practices without fail.

bipha ayurveda kasthurimanjal cream

We recommend Bipha Charusutra Kasthurimanjal for your skincare routine. It is an exclusive product that involves 100% authentic Kasthuri Manjal powder as an ingredient and is best for treating skin diseases like acne and blemishes. Regular use of Kasthuri Manjal guarantees your facial beauty.

Wrapping Up

Kasthuri Manjal is the one herb available in nature that can take care of all your skincare needs. The only way to advance in your skincare rituals and experience the promising results of Kasthuri Manjal is to start using it.


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