Guide to Gut Health Using Natural Remedies

Guide to Gut Health Using Natural Remedies

Some of you might be surprised to know that a large segment of the population underrates gut health. It arises from the fact that people are not aware of the fact how a healthy gut contributes to the overall wellness and immunity functions of an individual.

This article covers the concept of gut health and how to arrive at the same using natural remedies. It also includes some of the top Ayurvedic solutions to create optimum gut wellness for you.

How to Identify Poor Gut Health?

You may experience poor gut health due to numerous reasons. To answer the question of how to improve gut health, you need to understand the issue first. Some of the symptoms to help you identify gut health issues include a decrease in immunity, lack of sleep, immediate weight changes, and an upset stomach.

Stomach issues may lead to diminishing digestive or gastrointestinal health and could cause conditions like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, etc. Similarly, a sudden increase or decrease in weight is the reason for a lack of energy, physical and emotional side effects, and fatigue, all leading to poor digestive health.

Disturbances in your sleep cycle are more than enough to cause harm to your gut. A proper circadian cycle and sleep schedule are essential to maintain your gut wellness. Being stressed or undergoing negative/bad moods are also problematic to your overall health.

If you have had any other diseases or symptoms, it could lead to digestive troubles or gut health problems. This arises from the overall reduction of immunity in your body. When immunity levels are down, the most affected issues happen to your respiratory, digestive, mental, and genital systems.

Proven Natural Remedies to Overcome Gut Health Problems

Love to learn about a few natural formulations to get over your gut health issues? Look no further. Here are some of the proven herbal remedies in the gut wellness category.


Triphala is one of the most famous traditional solutions that Ayurveda offers to help in the cleansing and detoxification process of your body. It is consumable in supplement form and is guaranteed to work as a remedy for digestive and gastrointestinal disorders. A combination of Amalaki, Harithaki and Bibhitaki - Triphala gut health supplements are proven in supporting general immunity and possess zero side effects.

Digestive Care

Digestive Care is a herbal formulation from Bipha Ayurveda which includes multiple herbs like Garlic, Myrobalan, Asafoetida, Long Pepper, Ajwain, Ginger and Sweet Flag. Digestive Care herbal supplements can help enhance your immunity, boost nutrient absorption within the body and fight digestive disorders. It should be consumed like a dietary supplement.


In the world of herbs supporting digestive wellness, Pippalyasavam holds its own by acting as a digestive stimulant and appetizer. This herbal tonic possesses the capacity to kindle the digestive enzymes in your system and aid in gut health improvement.

Pippalyasavam is made using traditional and herbal methods, where a list of digestives and carminatives are used. Its appetizing activity is well-known and is good for overcoming constipation and indigestion. Bipha Pippalyasavam is developed using major ingredients like Sweet Cherry, Cinnamon, Adathodaka, Clove, Wild Pepper, Leadwort, Costus, Pepper, Musk Root, Tejpathra, Ash Sheora, Sickle Pod, False Pepper and Long Pepper.


Harithaki is one of the herbs that constitute the Triphala supplement. Independently, it can be used as a laxative and is essential in relieving constipation symptoms. Harithaki is perfect for preserving your gastrointestinal health. This finds more value as a dietary supplement.


Like Harithaki, Amla or Amalaki is a constituent of the Triphala supplement. It is one of the greatest-known Ayurveda herbs offering a whole host of benefits. Amla, with its rich Vitamin C content, is also helpful as one of the best foods for gut health. Its work as a supplement in the digestive care category is well-known, with capable support functions in the healing of dyspepsia and hyperacidity.

Advantages of Excellent Gut Health

Listed below are the merits of possessing excellent gut health.

  • Your overall immunity and wellness will improve. A strong gut means an increase in your general health. 
  • You will learn to be more mindful about your entire lifestyle. It could also pave the way for a healthy, emotional journey in life. 
  • You will be following a diet full of healthy items and wellness supplements. 
  • Focusing on gut health will assist you in overcoming external organisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Probiotics for gut health can help with this goal. 
  • If you are someone who maintains your gut health in optimum condition, then it’s possible that you will learn the attributes of consistency and discipline and possesses mental fibre. 
  • Gut health maintenance will offer a better chance for you to learn about your body’s Prakriti. Knowing in detail about the dosha imbalances will help you significantly in healing from other conditions too.

 Parting Thought

When you embrace the concept of natural remedies, it is significant to involve essential and healthy lifestyle habits. Follow them with discipline and consistency to arrive at the best gut health levels. Never forget that gut health is a vital factor that will lead you to achieve complete health and wellness potential.

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