Bipha Charusutra Series - For Your Complete Skincare

Bipha Charusutra Series - For Your Complete Skincare

No herbal formulation in Ayurveda provides more value than skincare solutions when you consider an individual perspective. And under skin care remedies, it is always better if you can discover a group of products like a complete skincare kit that caters to different aspects of protecting and healing your skin.  

This is where the Charusutra Series from Bipha Ayurveda plays a perfect role. It includes products that take care of numerous aspects like hydration, exfoliation, radiance, purification, retexturing and skin clarification.  

The Need for Complete Skincare Kit in Ayurveda  

You need a skincare kit that will help you focus on complete solutions related to your skin’s needs. Above this, ensuring the use of a herbal solution is critical for creating a working skincare routine. 

According to Ayurveda, your skin type may vary as Vata, Pitta or Kapha. And your skin requirements will vary based on the imbalances in these doshas and the general Prakriti. For example, Vata-type skin needs more moisturizing, Pitta skin needs more cooling and anti-inflammation effects, and Kapha-type is in the need of cool and oily components with exfoliation properties.  

Ayurvedic solutions are perfect for promoting anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-androgenic properties. Simple kitchen ingredients and DIY remedies are sufficient for you in creating a perfect skincare ritual, even for ordinary skincare routines.  

Introducing The Bipha Charusutra Series 

Now we come to the Charusutra Series from Bipha Ayurveda. Listed below are six of the top products in one of the complete skincare solutions in Ayurveda that you can regularly use for your skincare needs.  

Charusutra Ambika  

Ambika is a skin-hydrating Ayurvedic pack containing a herbal blend of kacholam, vetiver, kasturi manjal, cypreol powders with orange, vetiver, rose oils.  

Charusutra Kasthurimanjal  

Using wild or forest turmeric, Charusutra Kasthurimanjal is a skin-radiance face pack and acts as a fast-absorbing botanical remedy that can help reduce or remove your skin disorders.  

Charusutra Rakthachandanam  

This is a skin-clarifying face pack with the goodness of Red Sandalwood. The formulation is so pure and powerful that it will leave you with clear and exquisite skin.   

Charusutra Lodhradi  

The speciality of this Ayurvedic skin pack is skin exfoliation and includes options to overcome all types of skin disorders.  

Charusutra Purvika  

This face pack works best in skin retexturing which is equally good for improving skin health and removing skin disorders.  

Charusutra Manjishta  

With the natural remedy of Indian Madder, this skin-purifying face pack is a proven formula that is good for skin whitening, blood circulation and detoxification and skin complexion.   

Benefits of Bipha Charusutra for Your Skincare  

Listed below are the primary benefits of the Bipha Charusutra series to your skincare routine.  

  • Help maintain your skin health 
  • Offers a refreshing and radiant skin appearance 
  • Help treat skin disorders and issues 
  • Supports blood purification and detoxification under the skin 
  • Aids in softening and moisturizing the skin 
  • Help maintain soft and supple skin 
  • Help clear skin impurities and blemishes 
  • Assists in improving skin complexion  

Wrapping Up  

You can opt for all products in the Bipha Charusutra series if you feel so. The best option here is to enrol in a subscription model that will help you feasibly receive and use all these products.  

Consistent use of Ayurvedic remedies is essential for helping your skincare needs and assisting in your natural beauty rituals and routine.

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