Red Sandalwood & Flawless Skin - A Perfect Match

Red Sandalwood & Flawless Skin - A Perfect Match

The one magical ingredient to elevate your skincare routine is Red Sandalwood or Rakthachandanam, as it is known in Sanskrit.  Red Sandalwood possesses an odourless, red-coloured bark. and a natural, santalin colour. This precious botanical is widely used in Ayurveda beauty rituals.


We will take a close look at Red Sandalwood, its healing properties and how it plays a role in your skincare rituals, including the promise of flawless skin.

Here’s Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus Santalinus) is a medium sized deciduous tree endemic to India with a very restricted range in the southern Eastern Ghats where it grows in dry, rocky ground at 150-900 m. It grows wild in the Seshachalam hills of Andhra Pradesh (Cuddapah, Chittoor, some parts of Nellore), some pockets of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (North Arcot hills). One needs permission from government authorities to legally source this.


Red Sandalwood is also cultivated in Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal. The plantation, harvest and yield of Red Sandalwood follow specific conditions and include a unique strategy for climate, and soil.


The red-coloured sandalwood is an endangered species and is limited in number. This is clearly because of the overexploitation of the species for its timber and the numerous applications.

The Healing Powers of Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood originally exists as a tree, and you can extract it in powder form, to enhance your beauty rituals and skincare regime. The wood part present at the centre of the trunk, also known as heartwood, is used for medicinal purposes.


A multitude of important bioactive phytocompounds have been extracted and identified from the heartwood of P. Santalinus. The phytochemical analysis of Pterocarpus santalinus Linn. Showed that it contains various components, such as carbohydrates, steroids, anthocyanins, saponins, tannins, phenols, triterpenoids, flavonoids, glycosides and glycerides.


Numerous health benefits of P. santalinus have been recorded, including antioxidative, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties, and protective effects on the liver, gastric mucosa, and nervous system.


With its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it features as the major ingredient in all beauty products trying to boost cell regeneration and skin healing. Ayurveda recommends using Rakthachandanam or Red sandalwood applications as part of your night beauty care routine to enhance complexion, hydrate the skin and as a remedy for acne, blemishes and skin renewal. 

Red Sandalwood for Flawless Skin 

Having flawless skin is about having skin free of blemishes, spots, wrinkles or marks. If you are a firm believer in adopting the right skincare technique which offers long-term benefit, Red Sandalwood should be your only choice.

Red Sandalwood will not only help you achieve flawless skin but also prepare it for a long-term skincare routine that matches your beauty and wellness goals.

Authentic Red Sandalwood will nourish and hydrate your skin to present a flawless look. It helps in improving your skin complexion, treating skin diseases and revitalizing your skin to give an overall youthful appearance. It is also a great remedy for pimples, dark spots and skin pigmentation. 

Bipha Yamini Redsandalwood Cream which has pure, high-quality Red Sandalwood is the perfect night care routine to promote cell regeneration and flawless beauty for your skin.

The quality of Red Sandalwood powder is also highly important in face packs. We  recommend the Bipha Charusutra Rakthachandanam for those who believe in using authentic Ayurveda products for the best results. It works efficiently for all skin types and creates the best-desired results on your face on frequent application.


Here’s how you can use Bipha Charusutra Rakthachandanam – pure red sandalwood ubtan - depending on your skin type. For dry skin, make a paste using water or tomato juice and for oily skin, make a paste using pure honey. If you have normal skin, make a paste using milk or coconut milk. Apply the paste on your face. Wash after 15 minutes. For best results, avoid going out in the sun for a few hours after application.

You can purchase the above two products as part of the Kovilakom Yamini Combo Gift Pack, which also includes a Red Sandalwood Herbal Bar.


Red Sandalwood is not the only component that caters to your flawless skin desires and is a must-have in a bridal beauty routine or night beauty care routine. But if there is one surefire guarantee to reach your skin’s maximum potential in this department, Red Sandalwood is the solution.


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