Monsoon is Here! Take Care of Your Respiratory Health!

Monsoon is Here! Take Care of Your Respiratory Health!

Monsoon is that excellent season where you can be your raw, authentic self. There is no rush or pace to lives and surroundings in monsoon compared to normal times. Beyond this, monsoon is a sweet spot for many to settle down and relax.

But monsoon is not without its fair share of adversities. Perhaps the most documented of the lot is the list of respiratory disorders and health issues stemming from the monsoon season. This article deals with extensive measures and herbal remedies in Ayurveda to overcome your respiratory problems. 

The Monsoon Factor

The monsoon is a highly appreciated and awaited time for many as it offers relief from the scorching summers and dry autumns before the rains. In India, monsoon showers are much anticipated and work like a charm for all segments of the population. Monsoon in Kerala is also globally popular and attracts the attention of people around the world.

Monsoon is the time when you will have to think more about hygiene and wellness. It works in your favour if you have excellent innate immunity and health quotient. If there is one particular season where your lifestyle habits must take a positive turn filled with discipline, it is during the monsoon.

How Are Respiratory Infections Caused During Monsoon Season?

The primary scientific reason that contributes to the added number of respiratory infections during the monsoon is the moisture content present in the atmosphere. High moisture in the environment means the air will have more bacteria and viruses. These organisms will thrive under monsoon conditions. And it will lead to people getting infected with more diseases and disorders (especially in their respiratory systems).

The most common respiratory infections during this time are cough, cold, throat infections, fever, breathing troubles, etc. But unique or specific respiratory health issues could happen to people who are suffering from various other concerns. The disorders could also vary based on subcategories in the monsoon conditions. These could be humid weather, damp conditions, cold and wet scenarios, etc.

Natural Remedies for Respiratory Wellness

When it comes to respiratory wellness and healing, the best solutions are found in Ayurveda. Listed below are the top natural remedies to take care of your monsoon respiratory health conditions.

Agasthya Vyoshadi

One of classical Ayurveda’s gems, Agasthya Vyoshadi eases your breathing and respiratory wellness. Found in Lehyam or herbal jam form, it is an excellent natural remedy with amazing expectorant properties.

The major ingredients that constitute Agasthya Vyoshadi are Bilva, Gambhari, Patala, Syonaka, Agnimantha, Prisniparni, Shalaparni, Brihati, etc. It works as an awesome component in dealing with respiratory tract infections.


The Ayurvedic health elixir called Dasamolarishtam is another top remedy to deal with respiratory issues. It includes several natural ingredients to support you in overcoming respiratory disorders like asthma, breathing troubles, pneumonia, cough, etc.

The core component of Bipha Ayurveda Dasamoolarishtam is a combination of ten roots, known as Dasamoola, to deal with a whole range of health problems. Though it is recommended as a general wellness tonic by many healthcare experts, it delivers awesome respiratory wellness effects.


Tulsi herbal supplements are best for healing upper respiratory tract disorders. They have proven antimicrobial properties and serve a healthy response function to different types of respiratory infections.

The dietary supplement from Bipha includes a standardised Tulsi extract that is free of all types of chemicals and additives. It offers a soothing response to your immune system and helps detoxify the body and mind as well.


Vasaka capsules are another proven herbal remedy in supplement form to improve your respiratory wellness. The tablets from Bipha Ayurveda include standardised Vasaka extract and promote respiratory wellness, lung functions, etc.

 Vasaka can help suppress the cough and loosen the phlegm in no time. It offers antispasmodic, bronchodilator, and expectorant properties to your respiratory system.

Rasnadi Churnam

If you are reeling from sinus infections or symptoms, Rasnadi Churnam is an effective remedy. This efficient herbal formulation from Bipha Ayurveda is a mix of 23 different natural ingredients.

Rasnadi Churnam can help against all types of respiratory infections related to allergies, colds and sinusitis. The flu relief solution is extracted in Churnam or powder format, and the application procedure is simple. You may smear a pinch of Rasnadi Churnam powder on the crown of your head (recommended after bath).

Wrapping Up

Respiratory troubles are not just a monsoon thing, as some people feel the impact of such disorders in the long term and with chronic symptoms. You should not neglect the conditions and must take immediate action to get over any respiratory system troubles. Seeking the assistance of a healthcare expert is widely appreciated as they can help you determine any underlying conditions or comorbidities related to respiratory wellness.


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