Experience Herbal Hand Care with Ayurveda Remedies

by Miriam Jojo on January 01, 2024

Chances are high that you won’t give sufficient significance to hand care remedies in beauty rituals. This problem occurs because your hands and face are more exposed to the environment than the other parts of your body. While you give particular importance to face-care solutions, the same doesn’t apply to hands.  

The best you will do is treat your hands as part of the general skincare routine, which is not enough. It is relevant for you to specifically take care of your hands, and for this, Ayurveda offers some excellent herbal hand care tips.  

The Need for Hand Care: General Pointers  

Aside from the points on the need for hand care routine mentioned in the intro section, the other reasons that make you realize its necessity exist. One of the main factors to consider is the ageing signs associated with your hand skin. It is comparatively thin and will show skin-ageing symptoms first.  

Any of your lifestyle disorders could lead to issues with skincare, and this will reflect easily on your hands. Seasonal changes might cause harm to your hand skin. Skin disorder types are an issue, and an imbalance in any of the doshas may lead to troubled hand skin.  

Ayurvedic Remedies for Natural Hand Care  

The top Ayurveda remedies for providing natural skincare to your hands are listed below.  

Handwashes and Lotions  

When it comes to hand care products and solutions, the primary formulations are handwashes and lotions. It is because of their ease of use and guaranteed quality features that this will work.   

A recommended natural product in Ayurveda is Aloevera & Citrus Hand Wash from Bipha. As for lotions, Aloevera & Grapeseed Hand Lotion is a proven solution.   

Moisturizers and Massage Oils  

Frequent use of hand moisturizers and natural massage oils is another effective remedy to help support your hand care ambitions. Exclusive and personalized skincare solutions are available in this category.   

Bipha Ayurveda’s Almond & Olive Cuticle Oil is a working product that can help restore and rejuvenate your cuticles. You may use direct herbs also for massage and skin healing purposes. Wellness oils like Patchouli Oil, Neroli Oil, Frankincense Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Carrot Seed Oil are all probable candidates to soothe and soften your hands on regular use.  

Ayurvedic Herbs  

The Ayurvedic herbs that contribute to your hand care include the likes of Shigru, Tulsi, Harithaki, Haridra, Ashwagandha, etc. If you have exceptionally dry hands, use herbs like Manjishtha, Haldi, Kesar, Aloe vera and Chandan for taking care of your hands.  

Some of these herbs can be used in the preparation of hand masks, massage ritual formulas and special herbal remedies. Other known ingredients in this niche are Neem, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Chamomile, etc.  

Unique Natural Hand Care Tips  

Regular application of sunscreen will help your hand skin. Bedtime and overnight beauty rituals can create an impact on your hand care ideas too.   

The concept of skin exfoliation and healing properties can be extracted with the aid of natural skincare techniques developed from kitchen ingredients and homemade remedies.  

Benefits of Herbal Hand Care  

The primary benefits of natural hand care are as follows:  

  • Ayurvedic techniques will help you maintain beauty and wellness in equal measures for your hand skin.  
  • Effective hand care tips will prevent and heal various skin disorders and illnesses.  
  • You will become more mindful about your skin doshas and also about the potential problems that could affect the same.  
  • A healthy, moisturised pair of hands will give you more confidence, well-being support and positive and refreshing energy for engaging in life activities.  
  • By following Ayurvedic techniques for hand care, your overall lifestyle wellness and general wellness quotient will improve.  

Parting Thought  

As is the case with other skincare solutions, you must find an evergreen remedy that matches your hand care goals and stick to it religiously. You may even subject your beautiful pair of hands to essential spa treatments or occasional natural therapies to ensure the best of health, hygiene and beauty. Are you still wondering about how to take care of hands naturally? Feel free to connect with us.


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