Ojaswini Marayoor Sandalwood Cream-A rich textured cream for nourished& smooth skin with the pure extracts of Sandalwood.Natural moisturizer for dry skin 75 gm

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Ojaswini Marayoor Sandalwood cream is a luxurious blend of natural ingredients with immense benefits for your skin. The richness of Marayoor Sandalwood sourced from Kerala's natural bounty wraps your skin in a moisture lock, to protect it from dryness. Being a moisturizing cream, it truly nourishes the skin. The antimicrobial properties help you to get healthy, smooth, and toned skin. It also reduces skin pigmentations and blemishes resulting in flawless-looking skin. 

Benefits of Ingredients 

  • Marayoor Sandalwood oil 

It tightens the drooping skin tissues in order to provide a supple and youthful appearance to the skin. One of the most effective sandalwood oil benefits is the skin-softening effect. It clears skin from blemishes and acne scars. Regular application benefits the skin by maintaining stiffness and strength. 

  • Virgin coconut oil 

Virgin coconut oil is a great moisturizer with the ability to seal the moisture and provide internal nourishment. It forms a protective layer over your skin that keeps itching, dryness, and allergies away. This ingredient along with other natural herbs to enhances its benefits and treats your skin woes effectively. 

  • Almond oil 

Rich in nutrients essential for healthy skin, almond oil nourishes and moisturize making skin smooth and soft. Almond oil is also effective in reducing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Jojoba oil 

Loaded with anti-oxidants, jojoba oil improves the skin barrier. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calm the complexion of the skin and provide instant hydration. It can also delay signs of aging and prevent acne. 

  • Vitamin E 

The antioxidants property in Vitamin E helps in the regeneration of skin cells. It is a potent antioxidant that helps the skin defend itself against free radicals. It has moisturizing and healing benefits on the skin. 

    How To Use

    Apply the cream over the face and neck. Gently massage in a circular motion. Use regularly for best results.

    Key Ingredients

    Almond Oil
    Almond Oil
    Jojoba Oil
    Jojoba Oil
    Lavender Oil
    Lavender Oil
    Virgin Coconut Oil
    Virgin Coconut Oil

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