Business Vision - Bipha to be a global player in natural product industry through the development and manufacture of herb / ayurveda based products which are accessible and in forms that can be consumed conveniently in everyday lives of people. The products must comply with internationally benchmarks , validated, and delivered as per expectations of the customer at his/her preferred place and within time , while complying with international benchmarks / parameters of quality specified or defined by the organization / customer.The organization must continually monitor and review all its process for continually improve and exceed customer expectations

Vision - To constantly develop products / revalidate quality specifications of ingredients / formulations / dosage / packaging / communication specs to improve the effective delivery of quality / and to meet consumer expectations

To constantly upgrade manufacturing process, quality protocols /parameters, technology to deliver superior product outcomes

To undertake steps to enhance batch to batch consistency. Yield and other parameters to optimize outcomes and cost

To innovate/ develop and maintain a robust product development pipeline which must constantly develop new formulations for the ever changing needs of the market

To take steps to improve production efficiency / cost optimisation / reduce wastage / and to optimise use of inputs while enhancing output / efficiency

To review/ modify processes which are procedures and entail duplication/ enhance cost and delays product realisation and delivery

To optimise and to ensure ontime delivery of products to the customer by monitoring and improving supply chain efficiency.

To improve procurement practices and to broaden supplier base to improve ontime delivery and to optimise cost

To improve customer service and responsiveness to queries, feedback and complaints and to be rated as a consistent trusted supplied of natural products in the country

To enhance customer loyalty though improved customer campaigns, communication and reward programme

To enhance ease of purchase of products through better practices / technology enhancement in e- commerce business

To embrace the best HR practices and to also enhance knowledge of employees through multi skilling / training / and other knowledge sharing practices

To improve recruitment practices and to processes to attract key talent for the growth and expansion of the organisation.

To initiate more steps to be a socially / environmentally conscious organisation