• " I returned from USA recently and purchased coconut hairwash at hyd airport. I used coconut hairwash for almost 2 months and my hair was healthy and lively. The moment i ran out of this shampoo and when i started using different brands i observed my hair became dull, weak and started falling rapidly . I will order the shampoo again. "

    --Srinu panthangi

  • "One of the best products , great result and good quality "

    Commented on our product Memory Boost by Mr.Ajju G G on 25th September 2015

  • " I found life herbs to be splendid after I followed label instructions for less than a week and my BP balanced 145/82 as to before medication 175/120. I don't know what or how these magic tablets do it... but I am glad and grateful that it exists. "

    -- By Yousef, on 19th October 2015

  • "Kasthuri Manjal"

    5.0 out of 5 stars , By Mr Rao on 25 August 2015

    Excellent Product, Excellent Quality and the brand you can trust for sure, the only thing is its bit expensive.

    4.0 out of 5 stars By shreya on 7 August 2015

    Good ..Works well

    5.0 out of 5 stars By sasmi on 13 December 2014

    very nice

  • " Neelibhringhadi Thailam "

    Shiny, Tangle free hair By sunetra on 30 October 2014

    Oh I Love it!! I was unaware of the advantages of neelibhringadi oil, unless one Arabic girl tells me about this Indian miracle (such an irony). I was a bit hesitant in the beginning because as an oil its quite expensive compared to the other oils available and the quantity is significant less for the money. But eventually it made me buy it again. Advantages - Tangle free, shiny black hair after every wash. I generally keep it overnight and wash it next morning. Over the period i observed my hair is becoming softer. Reduced hair fall, and you can see the difference. Disadvantage - Only disadvantage is the smell. It has a smell which is not really bad but similar to coconut-milk sweets and sometime it gets a bit annoying.

  • " Your products are amazing but I am not able to find the products in Dubai. I wish I could buy them. "

    -- By Sabija Suraj, Dubai on 19th August 2015

  • " Your products are amazing. How can I order more.- from South Africa? "

    -- By KOMLA GOVENDER, South Africa on 10th July 2015

  • " Hello I buy your products that I love when I went to India , I would like to have if you can send me in France? Thank you and have a nice day. "

    -- By Sonia Roy, France on 8th June 2015

  • " Very good creams! I would love to order in Kerala, but my question is whether you do any shipsending to the Netherlands en if you do, what the costs of sending are! Thanks very much in advance, Edith "

    -- By Edith Eerhart, Netherland on 7th June 2015

  • " Very good product. do you have any branches in sultanate of oman "

    -- By Deepak Warikoo , Oman on 7th April 2015

  • " last time i visit cochin air port your shop i purchase (diabetic care and redsandalwoodcream this very good how can i buying in dubai after i need in kerala my city perumbavoor have any shope thank you bipha ayurveda ."

    -- By Saleem Abdulkhadar, Dubai on 5th April 2015

  • " I had bought some daibetic care tablets from the airport while i was in india for my mother and they are working well. Can you ship the product to the uk and if so i would like to purchase six months supply and how much will it cost. thank you ."

    -- By Mr Meenesh Shah, UK on 29th March 2015

  • " Good Morning ! I bought your anti-wrinkle cream at Cochin Airport in Jan 2014. It is the BEST cream for me in my entire life. I have very problematic skin which often clogs and blemishes but your cream suits me well. Yours Sincerely ."

    - Anne Dcruz on 12th March 2014 -

  • " I recently travelled through Trivandrum Airport and I bought your Sandalwood Moisturising Cream. This is one of the best creams I have used it feels so good such a shame I didn't buy more of your products. "

    -- By Penny Love, 14th January 2015

  • " I'm pleased to inform that when I visited Kerala for the first time this year, I totally fell in love with ayurveda products & among others, I bought BIPHA products from the store in Cochin Airport. I absolutely loved BIPHA products, especially the coconut hair shampoo. I diligently used up to 3 bottles of the shampoo for the last 4 months and to my pleasant surprise, my hair has stopped falling and my hair looks thicker now. UNFORTUNATELY, I can't purchase any of the BIPHA products via your online website for the reason they are not shipped to Malaysia. Kindly reply my email on how I can purchase these products as I'm interested not only in the hair shampoo, but many others. Awaiting your prompt reply and thanking you in advance for your assistance. "

    -- By Puvaneswary Dharmalingam, Malaysia on 20th December 2014

  • Hi! My name is Marcela. I'm from Brazil. My sister is model and she lived in India 4 seasons. And in her last trip she brought for me a soap Anti Acne herbal bar from your brand! Is amazing the result that I could have! It's awesome! My skin could clean 100%! Your product is incredible! You have to sell here in Brazil! Because now how I would keep my skin so pretty and soft! Congrats again for your product! I wish you all the best things And a lot of success!!! I will be waiting someone go to India (or me in the future) to buy many bars for me to keep in stock for the rest of my life!!! Have a good life and endless sells!

    - Marcela on 5th Feb 2016 -

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