Masha and The BeaR - Tulsi Turmeric Pocket Hand Sanitizer with Silicone tag 30 ml

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Imagine your favorite characters ‘Masha and the Bear’ heading into your pockets or bags. Give your tiny tots their friends and witness their happiness especially when they are Masha fanatics.

The rapid spread of the pandemic worldwide has made all of us worried. Protection is the only measure to safeguard each one of us including kids and adults from the deadly virus. As everyone is aware Handwashing and proper hygiene can prevent infection and stop the spread of all kinds of germs and viruses. Likewise, the use of sanitizers comes in handy, as it is an effective disinfectant and it does the trick when soap and water are not available.

But, it must be a matter of concern for parents to use hand sanitizers for their kids.

Bipha Ayurveda offers you skin-friendly non-toxic sanitizers that are just perfect for the safety of your kids.

Masha and Bear Tulsi Turmeric Hand Sanitizer infused with unique herbs and strong antimicrobial, astringent & antifungal ingredients with moisturizing agents are crafted to protect your kids. It kills 99.9% of the germs and bacteria in just one hand rub!

Conveniently sized hand sanitizers with bag tags make it easy to carry in purses and backpacks for your kids to use at playschools, home, schools, at public transport, or even while playing.

  • Ingredients

Tulsi is well known for its anti-microbial properties making it a natural disinfectant and the perfect ingredient to be used in a sanitizer providing effective protection.

Infused with the added benefits of Turmeric and other natural ingredients like aloe vera, formulate the safest shield for your kids with no concerns about the negative effects of harsh chemicals on their sensitive skin.

Nowadays, as sanitizer has become a most wanted and needed a companion in our daily life due to the prevailing pandemic era; Bipha Masha and Bear Tulsi and turmeric sanitizer will serve the purpose for you as well as your little ones due to its kid-friendly composition ensuring total hand hygiene.

  • How to use it?

Take a little amount on your palms and rub properly including wrists and in between fingers. Hands will be free from germs in a few seconds

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